For all you procrastinators out there who still have Christmas decorations up…

So we have this wreath on our front door that isn’t too terribly Christmas-y.  It’s purple berries and very cool…but we kept it up a little longer than normal this year.  Plus since we are still unpacking, I have yet to find the wreath box…So Saturday we set out to search the attic and garage for the box, or any box to go ahead and store the wreath.  And also in hopes that if the wreath is down, maybe we’ll get some warm weather:) But Andy goes to take down the wreath, and there is a nest built right into it!  Not just any nest, but a cute momma finch nest.  After having 2 kids, I was imagining this poor momma, preparing her babies’ nursery, one twig at a time in her last trimester and it’s completely destroyed just as she goes into labor…so, we decided to rent out our wreath for a birdie nursery.  And today I peaked in on our new guests, and we have 2 eggs–Go momma finch!  It’s not everyday a bird lays eggs on your Christmas wreath, but next year I will definitely take it down once the season has passed.


2 thoughts on “For all you procrastinators out there who still have Christmas decorations up…

  1. blogbodia

    Hey, how are youáll! Good to hear from you and welcome to the blogosphere…er…to blogging….er…to spending time writing stuff and posting it and then later wondering if any of it made any sense and how many people read it and now think you’re a bit off.
    Anyhow, we love the photo of the boys. Two eprops for them.
    -Tim and Jess

  2. ata_grandma

    Was just browsing and saw your site. We go to WLGBC, but one of our sons and his wife go to CCC. Jim and Stephanie. They have 2 kids, ages 6 and 2. Also, we know your pastor and his wife. Welcome to IN. and to Xanga. I have had a site since our teenage grand-daughter got one, since she uses our computer, and I wanted to know what was going on. I think I’m one of the oldest people with a Xanga site (68).


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