what a week!

For those of you who know me (which who knows how many that really is in relation to all who will come across this), you know I have a bit of a …shall I say…phobia of throwing up.  Spending time overseas and having 2 boys has put this to the test before, but nothing like last week.  It all started Tuesday night.  Jack wouldn’t touch his dinner–which I believe is a first (he’s a hearty guy).  He just kept saying, “All done.  Mommy, more bubbles please?”  I’d been reading “Dare to Discipline” for tips on other behaviors, and my “disobeying radar” was on overdrive, so I said, “No bubbles.  It’s time for dinner.”  Well, as much as I tried to get him to eat, he didn’t.  And I’m so thankful with the amount I had to clean up come 10 pm…and 10.30…and 11…Then came Miles…then came Andy…Of course, I can’t tell if I ever got it or just felt awful from cleaning up the chunks.

Ok, new subject.  Andy and I are taking 20 teens to Brazil in June.  We are really pumped to have this opportunity.  We’ve led a team of teens before and seen God have a life-changing impact on them through spending time at an orphanage, and seeing people who don’t have any access to God’s Word.  Even if they wanted to understand the Gospel, no one knows their language to tell them–there are over 250 such tribes in Brazil.  This trip will be a little different, as we are taking our 2 toddlers with us.  I’ve often thought about staying home with the kids.  But Andy and others encouraged me to go…and we have $3000 worth of tickets for myself and the boys, so I have no turning back.  Last time we took the boys to Brazil, I found Miles with 1/2 a millipede out of his mouth (the other half missing–uugh!)  Needless to say, it’s a full-time job to watch them, but I’m also hoping to have opportunities with the girls going, to help them process what they’re seeing/learning.  I’m praying my time there will not be in vain.

A crazy thought…since Andy was born in Brazil, he has dual citizenship.  Thus, our boys have dual citizenship.  So, for the 4 of us, we have 7 passports.  When Miles and Jack turn 18, they can decide if they want to be American or Brazilian.  I can just imagine Jack deciding he was going to be Brazilian…crazy!

Funny story of the day:  Miles is in a time out for hitting Jack, and Jack pats me on the leg.  From the T.O.Chair, Miles yells “No Jack.  Be nice to mommy.  Good boy.”  Then Jack climbs into the other T.O.Chair, and I said “What are you doing?”  “Time out.”  I wish I had it on video!


6 thoughts on “what a week!

  1. peteandheather

    Hey Sara!  (and Andy)
    It’s great to see how you guys and your family are doing.  Your boys are adorable.  I’m sorry about the flu sweeping through your house!  It hit our family a couple months ago–not so fun.  You are a brave woman to take the boys to Brazil.  Are Andy’s parents still down there?  Will you be staying with them?  Well, better run…my little guy is down for a nap, better take advantage of the down time and get 104 things done!  🙂 
    ~Heather 🙂

  2. spies_likeus

    Awww… that story about the Time Out chair is So cute!!!! I can’t wait to meet your boys! Yes I’ll be in town around June 26th… are you guys going to be in Miami? I will definitely drive down there for the day to hang out with you guys for a little bit… and if John is not on tour he’ll be there too. He hasn’t been on tour in over a year, but there is a possibility that a tour this summer might be happening. I really want you guys to meet John too… I can’t believe that still hasn’t happened!

  3. cherithpeters

    Sara & Andy!  Wow, how are you all?  I hear you guys know my brother?  I will be in town next weekend for his graduation, and would love to see you guys.  We will be getting in sometime Friday evening.  Will you be going to graduation?

  4. cherithpeters

    Aww, it’s too bad that you will be out of town. Joel Walker is getting married?  That’s great. Anyone I might know?  He was always such a  “no one will ever tie me down” kind of a guy, but I knew someone would some day.  He and Andy were two of my very favorite guys at Grace I am so happy for him.  Well anyhow, I hope we can catch up some other time.  We will be gone by Sunday. Have fun at the wedding.


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