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Ahhh…summer at last!

Who is ready for World Cup?

Viva Brasil!
Some fun weekend stories:  We were driving to church this am, and Jack says out of nowhere “Look mom! Tree.  Big tree.  Buh-buh-tree.”–Forget trying to teach him his “B” sound 🙂  We were going to some friends’ Fri. night, and I was prepping the boys in the car that the rules from home applied there too, so I was saying “Obey daddy and obey mommy.”  Jack pipes in “Obey Miles.” 
We sold over $400 at our garage sale–that includes a guitar and rockhopper (bike), so not really that much else…  But it sure was worth it!  Our neighbors did all the advertising, and we just sat there and took people’s money.
2 weeks until Brazil!


I still can’t believe Chris Daughtry didn’t win…

We had an awesome time in Chicago yesterday–Andy had to get the visas for the Brazil trip, and some dear ladies volunteered to watch our kids so we could have enjoy the time together.  It was a nice break.  This past week we’ve been running around trying to pull the Brazil details together and starting a college ministry for the students coming home for break and getting Miles into different therapy programs and building a fence and our neighbor is having a garage sale this wknd, so I decided “why not?”  Well…there’s many reasons I shouldn’t, but we just bought tickets for a family vacation in Julie and Chris’ (hey, your debut online, Chris) townhouse in West Palm while they’re in Italy…so garage sale it is!

I’ve been working with the boys on the word black (“mat”)–well today Jack said he was coloring with “buh, buh, mat.”  I handed Miles his milk today and he said “thanks Sara.”  Pretty funny. 

Thank you for all the e-mails of encouragement and prayers you’ve offered for our little buddy.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of helplessness when you understand what your child is dealing with and might have to throughout their life.  But nothing like that helplessness has drawn us more to our knees in begging God to have His way in our lives.  We’ve crafted these plans of where we’d go and what we’d do when our life is not our own.  May we learn what it is to focus on the eternal.

The other night I was singing “I Surrender All” with Jack before putting him down , and he started singing the chorus with  me.  He has no clue what that means, but it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard as he tried.  I can’t help but think that’s how God looks at His children.  I try and sing “All to Jesus I surrender,” and He smiles as He wants to teach me what that means.  It’s also amazing to hear them pray now.  The other day Miles was holding baby Asia Holabeck, and starts praying for her “Dear Jesus, thank you for baby Asia, help her sleep, Amen!” 

So I don’t talk about this much…

Here’s some more pics I didn’t realize I’d been able to upload.  (And I found plenty more multiples of the ones I’d already posted )

Well, today has been a roller-coaster of a day.  I love roller-coasters; in fact, we do our best to plan my pregnancies around our youth group’s Cedar Point trip…But this is a different type.  Andy and I took Miles today to the Autism Treatment Center at Riley Hospital in Indi.  We’ve been on a waiting list for a year, and were really excited to see a new dr.  Before we moved, he was seeing a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic, and in the last year, he has made amazing strides…So, we were driving down, expecting them to say, “Yeah, no signs of autism.  Looks good!”  We were in the waiting room with some kids who had evident behavior problems, whereas looking at Miles, most people wouldn’t notice anything different.  Very humbled and grateful, although hating to be grateful because of the parents who had to deal with those kids day in and day out, Andy leans to me and says, “It doesn’t seem like we should be here.”  Well, after our 2 hr. appt. with the dr., she said she sees definite signs of autism.  While he is high-functioning, he has evident social, behavioral, and communication impairments.  I don’t know if it’s because I still picture the kids who were in the waiting room and not our little Miles who tucking him in bed tonight says “More hugs, more kiss”, but it still doesn’t seem like reality to say our child has autism.  Every dr. we’ve seen since he was 15 mos. has talked around the issue.  Our therapists, etc. have given us information on autism.  His speech therapist took me to an autism conference and lended me several books on the issue, and I don’t think we’ve been in denial.  Just about the time I think our situation is very difficult, I see someone with it much more difficult and always want to be thankful for what we have.  But tonight Andy and I are pretty numb.  We met with Brazil team leaders, and walked through the motions of putting the kids down with smiles on our faces.  So wanting to distract ourselves, Andy turns on the tv and I log onto xanga.  After 5 min., I asked him what he was watching and it hadn’t even registered.  Turns out it wasn’t even in English–some documentary on FARC!

Anyhow, all we can come back to tonight is how so many times we ask God to take away the difficult times.  But His plan and love is greater than our own.  And my prayer tonight is to be strengthened to handle the realities of a child with autism.  Label or no label,  it doesn’t change all that much–he’s still our little buddy.

Jack came with us, but it got to be too much for him, so Andy took him down to McD’s to get some ice cream.  He said Jack was silent the whole time, relishing his “I weem”, but occasionally he’d look up at Andy and give an enthusiastic “WOW!”

If only they stayed like this forever…

Tonight, tucking Miles into bed, he says “good night, mommy buddy boy, aow-aow.”  It cracked me up, but then Andy said when he took the boys to run an errand while I was finishing dinner, Miles looked up at the cashier and said “Miles and Jack and Daddy go home, eat supper with hot momma bebe, aow-aow.”  And it’s pretty funny when I pick the boys up from nursery and they yell “hot momma!”  Oh the things Andy’s teaching them…

Miles has given up his afternoon nap (most unfortunately), but he will stay in his room for awhile and sing.  Today it was “Jesus loves the little children…and then Jesus loves the little Jackson…and my favorite, Jesus loves the little white bear.” 

Thanks amma and papa for the sunglasses.

I’m so bummed.  We got the cutest pictures back, and I can’t figure out how to upload them.  I’m still amazed we can get pics back in 1 hr, but it might be time to enter the 21st century and go digital…Anyhow, I’ll tell you about some of the memories they captured.

Last Sunday night, Miles came in at the end of youth group, and we sang to him and had birthday cake.  Now every night, he asks for more “watermelon and birthday cake and presents.”  Tonight after youth group was over, he was convinced we should sing happy birthday to him and have birthday cake.  It’s hard to break it to a 3 yr. old that it’s gonna be awhile…
Wednesday, we went to the zoo in honor of the birthday boy.  Andy was prepping him that we were going to see elephants and giraffes and zebras…he pipes in “and rabbits?!”  We had a blast–to see their faces was worth the fortune you can spend on a day at the zoo.  But I think Miles was a little disappointed he didn’t see rabbits
Thursday we drove up to Wisconsin for Joel Walker’s wedding.  It was beautiful and good to see Joel and meet his bride Tara.  We decided it would be easier to leave after the wedding Friday night so the boys could sleep in the car.  Well, we left Milwaukee at 11.30 and got home at 4 am.  As if that wasn’t insane, the craziest was Miles was wide awake the whole time!  So much for the “easier route,” but is anything easy about traveling with 2 toddlers?!?  We really had a good time and it was a beautiful wedding in a botanical garden.
We stayed with Andy’s sister, Wendy and Mike and their 2 kids.  They have a 1 mo. old, and it was so cute to see our boys with him.  Jack would lay on the couch looking at him and say “Baby, I see you!”  Miles just wanted to hug and kiss him.  When he held him, the baby gurgled a little, and Miles said “Baby, what’s a matter?”  I won’t lie–we’re excited to think about another one.
Wish I could share our pics…but here’s some thoughts.