I’m so bummed.  We got the cutest pictures back, and I can’t figure out how to upload them.  I’m still amazed we can get pics back in 1 hr, but it might be time to enter the 21st century and go digital…Anyhow, I’ll tell you about some of the memories they captured.

Last Sunday night, Miles came in at the end of youth group, and we sang to him and had birthday cake.  Now every night, he asks for more “watermelon and birthday cake and presents.”  Tonight after youth group was over, he was convinced we should sing happy birthday to him and have birthday cake.  It’s hard to break it to a 3 yr. old that it’s gonna be awhile…
Wednesday, we went to the zoo in honor of the birthday boy.  Andy was prepping him that we were going to see elephants and giraffes and zebras…he pipes in “and rabbits?!”  We had a blast–to see their faces was worth the fortune you can spend on a day at the zoo.  But I think Miles was a little disappointed he didn’t see rabbits
Thursday we drove up to Wisconsin for Joel Walker’s wedding.  It was beautiful and good to see Joel and meet his bride Tara.  We decided it would be easier to leave after the wedding Friday night so the boys could sleep in the car.  Well, we left Milwaukee at 11.30 and got home at 4 am.  As if that wasn’t insane, the craziest was Miles was wide awake the whole time!  So much for the “easier route,” but is anything easy about traveling with 2 toddlers?!?  We really had a good time and it was a beautiful wedding in a botanical garden.
We stayed with Andy’s sister, Wendy and Mike and their 2 kids.  They have a 1 mo. old, and it was so cute to see our boys with him.  Jack would lay on the couch looking at him and say “Baby, I see you!”  Miles just wanted to hug and kiss him.  When he held him, the baby gurgled a little, and Miles said “Baby, what’s a matter?”  I won’t lie–we’re excited to think about another one.
Wish I could share our pics…but here’s some thoughts.


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  1. cherithpeters

    I was laughing about the trip thing.  We always try driving through the night to “make it easier” too, but the kids usually end up so excited about the trip that they can’t sleep and then we’re just all exhausted the next day cause we were ALL up the whole night.  Funny funny.  Wish we could see your pics too. So another one huh?  Are you pregnant, or do you just mean the idea of another one?  We are excited to have more too.  I want another girl.  And a few more boys wouldn’t be awful either.

  2. spies_likeus

    Your boys are so cute:) I love the stories!! And yes, figuring out how to upload pictures on here is tricky… it took me a while. So yeah, Gasoline Heart is John’s new band. They’ll be at Cornerstone… I’m gonna try to go, but I can’t take off too much time from work… so I’ll have to see. They play on Thursday, July 6 (I think). I’m glad you like it though… we’re pretty excited about it:) It would be cool to see you guys though if we both make it to Cornerstone… hopefully we’ll have better luck than we did at Purple Door that one year:) 

  3. turtlegirl76

    Sara,  Hi!  I was reading your post and had an idea about what you could do to be able to put pictures on your posts… It costs a little bit extra, but you could get them put on a CD when you get your prints.  Then you would be able to save the pics on your computer…  Have a great weekend!


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