If only they stayed like this forever…

Tonight, tucking Miles into bed, he says “good night, mommy buddy boy, aow-aow.”  It cracked me up, but then Andy said when he took the boys to run an errand while I was finishing dinner, Miles looked up at the cashier and said “Miles and Jack and Daddy go home, eat supper with hot momma bebe, aow-aow.”  And it’s pretty funny when I pick the boys up from nursery and they yell “hot momma!”  Oh the things Andy’s teaching them…

Miles has given up his afternoon nap (most unfortunately), but he will stay in his room for awhile and sing.  Today it was “Jesus loves the little children…and then Jesus loves the little Jackson…and my favorite, Jesus loves the little white bear.” 

Thanks amma and papa for the sunglasses.


One thought on “If only they stayed like this forever…

  1. peteandheather

    Nope, I’m not teaching either.  I taught fifth grade here for three years and loved it, but alas I have found a new and greater love–little Jon.  🙂  I’m so thankful that I can stay home and I love being a full-time teacher here with him.  As far as ending up in VA, well, my family moved down here during my senior year.  So when we were looking for jobs after graduation, we mainly looked in Indiana, Ohio and Virginia.  God seemed to close all the doors except this one.  It’s nice being near my family and we visit Ohio pretty frequently.  In fact we’re heading out that way this weekend!  Are you enjoying Warsaw? 


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