Ahhh…summer at last!

Who is ready for World Cup?

Viva Brasil!
Some fun weekend stories:  We were driving to church this am, and Jack says out of nowhere “Look mom! Tree.  Big tree.  Buh-buh-tree.”–Forget trying to teach him his “B” sound 🙂  We were going to some friends’ Fri. night, and I was prepping the boys in the car that the rules from home applied there too, so I was saying “Obey daddy and obey mommy.”  Jack pipes in “Obey Miles.” 
We sold over $400 at our garage sale–that includes a guitar and rockhopper (bike), so not really that much else…  But it sure was worth it!  Our neighbors did all the advertising, and we just sat there and took people’s money.
2 weeks until Brazil!


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