Do we ever have to go home?

I can’t believe we ever second-guessed this vacation.  We debated so much about spending the money and wanting to get home after being away for 2 weeks…now I don’t know that we can ever get on a plane again We flew into Miami Monday evening.  We missed the flight to send the team on their way to Chicago, so they spent the night in a hotel and we drove on up to West Palm Beach.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and today (Is it Thursday?  Lost track..) have been as follows:  wake up, get the kids breakfast, turn on sesame street for them as we pack for the beach, head to the beach, eat a picnic in the sand (for Jack: eat sand for the picnic), play in the ocean some more until they’re ready to nap, drive back to Chris and Julie’s, put them down, hang out just the 2 of us!!!!, go somewhere when they get up…or do whatever we feel like. 

This has been very good for us to take time to process what we learned in Brazil and to have some uninterrupted, solid family time.  The kids have been so much fun since we got here.  When they’re awake, one of them is usually on Andy’s back or wrestling him…they missed their dad. 

It is quite a shock to go from Brazil to West Palm Beach though.  Last night we went to City PLace.  It is absolutely picture-perfect.  There is not a speck of trash lying around, the streets are spotless, the buildings are immaculate, everyone is dressed to impress…and yet how deceitful.  It made me more sad than the time we spent at the orphanage.  Because while these people have “everything,” they are still so empty.  What they are working for will never satisfy them.  One day they will realize how temporary this world is.  This world is not what we work for.  While the kids at the orphanage had so very little–they were content with what they had, and they were joyful to give.  I miss the simplicity. 

I really want to keep this perspective.  We can become deceived by what seems so important, and yet keeps us from true happiness and peace.  May we focus not on the earthly, but the eternal.

Jack zonked out on the flight to Miami.

Julie…we found the lizard in your bedroom.  Made us feel right at home  ALso, what is up with your neighbor?


One thought on “Do we ever have to go home?

  1. filledeparis

    Sar,I am so glad that you get to relax now. Your description of the people where you are reminded me of Paris(but there is trash here). So, are you and Andy up for leading worship at the wedding on Sept. 9th?I fly to Ohio on Aug. 7th! Bonne vacances! Much love from Paris,Hol


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