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miles hug asiamiles asia
Miles LOOOOOOOOVES holding baby Asia Holabeck
asia pacifier

I’m so excited to go to church tomorrow.  I love our church, and haven’t been able to go for a few weeks…so I’m especially eager to get there.  Today was soooooo nice.  No agenda.  No meetings.  Nothing to get done.  Just hang out.   Laugh.  Play.  Build towers.  Eat popsicles.  Ramp trucks.  Picnic at the park.  Long drives in our convertible.  It was a good day. 
Last night we had a goodbye party for Dave and Trish, although none of us like goodbyes, so around 1 in the morning, we said, see you later!  It’s crazy that 5 years ago we had them over for dinner, as they were interested in Cambodia.  Then 3 years later, we took an exploratory trip there with Dave, Trish, Will, and Joanna to consider moving there as a team.  Breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe in Battambang, the 6 of us discussed where we were at in the process of considering moving to Cambodia.  Andy and I said we’re in–we’re heading in that direction.  We return to the US and are hit with different medical issues facing our son, and put plans on hold.  Meanwhile, Will and Jo move to Korea and Dave and Trish move to Cambodia.  As sad as we are to say goodbyes, we are so excited to see where our friends end up as they are directed by God.  And in the meantime, we’re doing all we can to help our little guy. 
So, Monday Miles has another surgery…and we pray this is another step to help him feel better. 
Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with anticipation of meeting our Lord someday.  Not so I can ask him a whole bunch of “why?”s, but so that I will fall on my face in complete surrender to His perfect, sovereign, holy love and grace, and it will all make sense. 


So much for the Sabbath :)

sick miles
Jack had to get some of the same special treatment his brother was getting
sick in bed

Last night, as we’re getting ready to have people over for dinner, I notice Miles is exceptionally warm.  I thought it may be from running around outside–nope, he had a slight fever–103.6.  So, as I’m quick lysoling everything and getting dinner around, thankfully it was beautiful so we could eat outside, I hear a good belly laugh of Jack’s coming from the bathroom…oh no, as I run to see what he’s up to.  He’s dunking his bear head-first into the toilet, having a grand old time as toilet water splashes everywhere.  Without missing a beat, he looks up at me and says “Poor bear.”  That’s right.  How does this guy always get himself out of trouble? 

So today I stayed home from church and cared for our sick-o.  Miles cried most the day, as his fever was mostly around 104.  This got to Jack, so he’d scream, which would make Miles cry harder.  So tonight Andy took Jack with him to the Holladays for youth group.  In between the worship songs, Jack would belt out “Climb on board, get ready to explore, there’s so much to find, Little Einsteins.”  (Theme from a kids’ show) 

Yesterday was my 10 year HS reunion.  I didn’t go–not because I’m in denial, which is true.  But we’ve decided we’re not doing a family roadtrip until we get bored, like reeeeeally bored.  I’m sure this won’t be long–we’re always on the go, but working on the slowing down part.  So this was the first attempt at slowing down.  I didn’t really care to go alone–it might be a little strange at the “drunken bowling” after-party.  10 years, huh?  That used to seem like a long time to me. 

Well, now that both kids are down and quiet, I’m going to try and catch some “quiet time.”  As much as I don’t like to miss our service (I love our church), there’s still something about taking advantage of this time–when there are no 3 ft. tall distractions running around, nothing pressing, except my continued realization that I can’t do this alone.  I need a Savior, Shepherd, Counselor, Guardian of my soul.  This may have been the first time it’s been quiet in here today, but if we turn on the tv or busy ourselves, we miss out on the chance to be still and know that He is God.  And to meditate on building up some new nerves for tomorrow

Potty-Training Day #4

I’ll just have to say I never thought this day would come…I’m still waiting for Miles to decide he’s done with the potty, and who knows, tomorrow could be the day.  But after the 2nd day of dry pants, it has made the not going anywhere for 4 days until he gets the hang of this thing feel worth it!  A friend e-mailed me these pictures, and while I’m thankful I’ve never found pictures online of myself potty-training, nor will I subject my children to that, I got a laugh out of these and think once again, I love having boys! 

I always envisioned myself having girls, and while a little girl would still be fun, I don’t know what I’d do without these guys.  They crack me right up.  When I recall the events of the day, spending most the day in the bathroom, as Jack now understands if he learns how to pee in the potty, he’ll get a jelly bean and if he poops in there he’ll get a marshmallow…he’s trying to get the hang of it as well.  Then catching a frog and playing in the mud and soot from our firebowl …Tonight as I load their clothes into the wash, on Miles’ shirt alone, there’s ketchup, BBQ sauce, strawberries, peaches, milk, juice, soot from the firebowl, blood, pee, and probably some other bodily functions–and he’s our clean one!  Well, time to catch up with my husband in our rarely quiet house 🙂

“Transnasal endoscopic horizontal partial adenoidectomy may be an effective surgical method for relief of nasal obstruction while preserving velopharyngeal valve function in patients with submucous cleft palate who suffer from obstructive adenoids.”

Amazingly this makes complete sense to me. (By now, I believe I’ve earned a minor in doctor’s appointments.) Miles is scheduled to have this done July 31st. Our poor little guy has had more surgeries than our family combined. Please pray for him if you think about it. Oh, and we started potty training hard core yesterday–no more diapers. Yikes. “Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side.” 
Andy turned 29 Friday, and we went out for the evening.  I’d planned on getting a motorcycle for the day, but it was raining, so that was a bummer.  But it was a really fun time anyhow.  I appreciate these times so much more than I ever have when we can get away just the 2 of us, and talk like true grown-ups and laugh like good friends and enjoy life together. 
Saturday we bid farewell to Donny and Ruth Gibson at our Brazil Recap/Reunion/Picture Sharing/Birthday Party/Farewell Party…we kind of crammed it all in.  It was good getting together with the Brazil team and hearing how the transition has been from what they learned to bringing it home.  We’re sad to see Donny and Ruth leave though.  Soon will be Dave and Trish.  We’re either going to have to stop making friends who don’t own homes or who aren’t interested in other cultures–ha ha, I’m only half joking.  We are widening our opportunities for great vacations as our friends scatter around the world. 
And as I’m editing this post I started last night, I’m proud to announce we’ve had dry pants all day–Miles that is.  Hallelujah!  All this attention to the potty, and it was crazy, Andy took Jack to Wal-Mart and was distracted with the weed eaters when he looks over and there’s our 2 yr. old standing beside his shorts and diaper.  He’s been trying to go like his older brother and looked up at me yesterday and said “It’s not wooking (working).”  I’m thankful for the good chuckles along the way. 

Sweet Home Indiana

I never thought I’d be so happy to see flat cornfields and orthopedic companies–well, maybe I’m just glad to be home after over a month of travelling.  (2 wks. in Brazil, 1 in Florida, and time in Ohio before and after Brazil).  My dad had double knee replacement surgery the day we left for Brazil, so we were out there last week to see tampa and tamma.  Miles and Jack were very excited, and especially since it’s raspberry season–they’d go pick the black raspberries and then the red ones…then 30 minutes later want to check the bushes to see if any had ripened.  We kept the raspberries well-picked.  And Jack didn’t care–he’d pull them white off the bush and eat them thorny stem and all.

Fun stories of the day:  Today we went to the park.  Jack would climb up the bouncing squirrel or whatever it was and say in perfect intonation as apparently I have said alot: “Oh, big boy!”  Then he climbed down and said: “See you later ride a horsey.  Buh-bye.  Have fun!” 

Tonight we ate dinner outside.  Our boys get distracted when they’re not strapped in a booster seat, so Jack is down looking at ants and Miles picks up the hose that I was watering flowers with before dinner.  All too luckily, Miles with huge grin, points the hose at and drenches us as we’re mid-corn on the cob.  Still a little stunned and Andy thinking he’ll lose his grip sooner or later and me thinking I’d turned the water off and it will run out of water, sit there laughing our heads off but not doing anything…until we’re soaked and Jack is now screaming because he hates getting wet when it’s not on his terms.  Andy stumbles upstream to the grinning source and took the hose from him to save our now drenched corn on the cob and soggy brats…it made for a good laugh and when Miles went to bed tonight, after singing a song and praying, the last words out of his mouth were: “Miles sprayed everybody.” 

Cedar Point was awesome Thursday.  Pictures will be on as soon as we find the camera.  Millenium Force was down the whole day–major bummer.  We did get to ride Skyhawk though–that was crazy.  We had a lot of fun and only 1 kid threw up, so that’s always good.

4th of July with Emma, our niece

Miles with tampa (pre-knee surgery)

Jack’s favorite past-time, blowing bubbles with tamma (not a huge mole on her face, but something needs fixed on our camera)

We just got this from when he turned 2 in June–it’s too precious

Fun times in the Sun

                                                                                                    Miles rocking out in the ocean

The best $1 purchase ever–a kite from Target–the boys got much enjoyment from it today…especially Andy.  With the tragic ending to the Brazil/France game, we had to post some pics to brighten the day.