Fun times in the Sun

                                                                                                    Miles rocking out in the ocean

The best $1 purchase ever–a kite from Target–the boys got much enjoyment from it today…especially Andy.  With the tragic ending to the Brazil/France game, we had to post some pics to brighten the day.


2 thoughts on “Fun times in the Sun

  1. spies_likeus

    These pictures are Great!!
    It was so so so wonderful to spend time with you and your family today!!! Your boys are precious 🙂 I would be so happy if Miles could sing me a song every day!! And Jack … what a smart and charismatic little boy he is!!! We love you all!!! And I also have to say that I really loved what you wrote on my last post… about values. You are so right about that!!! And, even though it’s not always the case, what we value should be reflected in our reactions. Thank you so much for that:) I honestly cannot thank God enough that He brought you into my life 11 years ago. You are amazing 🙂

  2. filledeparis

    Sar…Sorry for your loss, but on this side of the ocean, I was surrounded by much rejoicing last night! No one thought that they would win against Brazil! Love, Holl


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