Sweet Home Indiana

I never thought I’d be so happy to see flat cornfields and orthopedic companies–well, maybe I’m just glad to be home after over a month of travelling.  (2 wks. in Brazil, 1 in Florida, and time in Ohio before and after Brazil).  My dad had double knee replacement surgery the day we left for Brazil, so we were out there last week to see tampa and tamma.  Miles and Jack were very excited, and especially since it’s raspberry season–they’d go pick the black raspberries and then the red ones…then 30 minutes later want to check the bushes to see if any had ripened.  We kept the raspberries well-picked.  And Jack didn’t care–he’d pull them white off the bush and eat them thorny stem and all.

Fun stories of the day:  Today we went to the park.  Jack would climb up the bouncing squirrel or whatever it was and say in perfect intonation as apparently I have said alot: “Oh, big boy!”  Then he climbed down and said: “See you later ride a horsey.  Buh-bye.  Have fun!” 

Tonight we ate dinner outside.  Our boys get distracted when they’re not strapped in a booster seat, so Jack is down looking at ants and Miles picks up the hose that I was watering flowers with before dinner.  All too luckily, Miles with huge grin, points the hose at and drenches us as we’re mid-corn on the cob.  Still a little stunned and Andy thinking he’ll lose his grip sooner or later and me thinking I’d turned the water off and it will run out of water, sit there laughing our heads off but not doing anything…until we’re soaked and Jack is now screaming because he hates getting wet when it’s not on his terms.  Andy stumbles upstream to the grinning source and took the hose from him to save our now drenched corn on the cob and soggy brats…it made for a good laugh and when Miles went to bed tonight, after singing a song and praying, the last words out of his mouth were: “Miles sprayed everybody.” 

Cedar Point was awesome Thursday.  Pictures will be on http://www.xanga.com/fan_16 as soon as we find the camera.  Millenium Force was down the whole day–major bummer.  We did get to ride Skyhawk though–that was crazy.  We had a lot of fun and only 1 kid threw up, so that’s always good.

4th of July with Emma, our niece

Miles with tampa (pre-knee surgery)

Jack’s favorite past-time, blowing bubbles with tamma (not a huge mole on her face, but something needs fixed on our camera)

We just got this from when he turned 2 in June–it’s too precious


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