“Transnasal endoscopic horizontal partial adenoidectomy may be an effective surgical method for relief of nasal obstruction while preserving velopharyngeal valve function in patients with submucous cleft palate who suffer from obstructive adenoids.”

Amazingly this makes complete sense to me. (By now, I believe I’ve earned a minor in doctor’s appointments.) Miles is scheduled to have this done July 31st. Our poor little guy has had more surgeries than our family combined. Please pray for him if you think about it. Oh, and we started potty training hard core yesterday–no more diapers. Yikes. “Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side.” 
Andy turned 29 Friday, and we went out for the evening.  I’d planned on getting a motorcycle for the day, but it was raining, so that was a bummer.  But it was a really fun time anyhow.  I appreciate these times so much more than I ever have when we can get away just the 2 of us, and talk like true grown-ups and laugh like good friends and enjoy life together. 
Saturday we bid farewell to Donny and Ruth Gibson at our Brazil Recap/Reunion/Picture Sharing/Birthday Party/Farewell Party…we kind of crammed it all in.  It was good getting together with the Brazil team and hearing how the transition has been from what they learned to bringing it home.  We’re sad to see Donny and Ruth leave though.  Soon will be Dave and Trish.  We’re either going to have to stop making friends who don’t own homes or who aren’t interested in other cultures–ha ha, I’m only half joking.  We are widening our opportunities for great vacations as our friends scatter around the world. 
And as I’m editing this post I started last night, I’m proud to announce we’ve had dry pants all day–Miles that is.  Hallelujah!  All this attention to the potty, and it was crazy, Andy took Jack to Wal-Mart and was distracted with the weed eaters when he looks over and there’s our 2 yr. old standing beside his shorts and diaper.  He’s been trying to go like his older brother and looked up at me yesterday and said “It’s not wooking (working).”  I’m thankful for the good chuckles along the way. 


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