Potty-Training Day #4

I’ll just have to say I never thought this day would come…I’m still waiting for Miles to decide he’s done with the potty, and who knows, tomorrow could be the day.  But after the 2nd day of dry pants, it has made the not going anywhere for 4 days until he gets the hang of this thing feel worth it!  A friend e-mailed me these pictures, and while I’m thankful I’ve never found pictures online of myself potty-training, nor will I subject my children to that, I got a laugh out of these and think once again, I love having boys! 

I always envisioned myself having girls, and while a little girl would still be fun, I don’t know what I’d do without these guys.  They crack me right up.  When I recall the events of the day, spending most the day in the bathroom, as Jack now understands if he learns how to pee in the potty, he’ll get a jelly bean and if he poops in there he’ll get a marshmallow…he’s trying to get the hang of it as well.  Then catching a frog and playing in the mud and soot from our firebowl …Tonight as I load their clothes into the wash, on Miles’ shirt alone, there’s ketchup, BBQ sauce, strawberries, peaches, milk, juice, soot from the firebowl, blood, pee, and probably some other bodily functions–and he’s our clean one!  Well, time to catch up with my husband in our rarely quiet house 🙂


One thought on “Potty-Training Day #4

  1. MomArtrip

    Hi, Royers!!
    Hope all is well there……………life sounds exciting!!   I just found your site and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!   did these pictures bring back a lot of good memories from raising the Artrip boys!!   🙂   Yes, boys are fun because they aren’t moody like girls are……….you just have to keep feeding them……..constantly!   Things are going good with us, catch ya later.    Love you guys!!     Jeanne


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