So much for the Sabbath :)

sick miles
Jack had to get some of the same special treatment his brother was getting
sick in bed

Last night, as we’re getting ready to have people over for dinner, I notice Miles is exceptionally warm.  I thought it may be from running around outside–nope, he had a slight fever–103.6.  So, as I’m quick lysoling everything and getting dinner around, thankfully it was beautiful so we could eat outside, I hear a good belly laugh of Jack’s coming from the bathroom…oh no, as I run to see what he’s up to.  He’s dunking his bear head-first into the toilet, having a grand old time as toilet water splashes everywhere.  Without missing a beat, he looks up at me and says “Poor bear.”  That’s right.  How does this guy always get himself out of trouble? 

So today I stayed home from church and cared for our sick-o.  Miles cried most the day, as his fever was mostly around 104.  This got to Jack, so he’d scream, which would make Miles cry harder.  So tonight Andy took Jack with him to the Holladays for youth group.  In between the worship songs, Jack would belt out “Climb on board, get ready to explore, there’s so much to find, Little Einsteins.”  (Theme from a kids’ show) 

Yesterday was my 10 year HS reunion.  I didn’t go–not because I’m in denial, which is true.  But we’ve decided we’re not doing a family roadtrip until we get bored, like reeeeeally bored.  I’m sure this won’t be long–we’re always on the go, but working on the slowing down part.  So this was the first attempt at slowing down.  I didn’t really care to go alone–it might be a little strange at the “drunken bowling” after-party.  10 years, huh?  That used to seem like a long time to me. 

Well, now that both kids are down and quiet, I’m going to try and catch some “quiet time.”  As much as I don’t like to miss our service (I love our church), there’s still something about taking advantage of this time–when there are no 3 ft. tall distractions running around, nothing pressing, except my continued realization that I can’t do this alone.  I need a Savior, Shepherd, Counselor, Guardian of my soul.  This may have been the first time it’s been quiet in here today, but if we turn on the tv or busy ourselves, we miss out on the chance to be still and know that He is God.  And to meditate on building up some new nerves for tomorrow


3 thoughts on “So much for the Sabbath :)

  1. JAMBender

    ~Hi Royers!  I didn’t know you had a Xanga, it’s Jessica (used to be Thompson), but is now Bender, from CGC.  I’m excited to read about your adventures, and hear about your boys, I can’t believe how big they are. . .time flies doesn’t it?!  I’ll be keeping Miles and your whole family in my prayers~

  2. knjman

    Hi Royers!  What a great website idea.  It is a nice way to stay in touch.  The boys are getting so big and it sounds like they are growing up!  Our reunion was fun- it was good to see all the old friends.  I didn’t go to drunken bowling either 🙂  Let me know next time you’ll be in Ohio.  We are praying for Miles and the rest of the fam.  The Lord is in control and loves all of you so much! 
    Love, Kara

  3. speedyjhg

    Your boys are growing up so fast.  Sam and I will be praying for Miles.  Thanks for letting me know about your xanga so I can keep up on you guys.
    James Gabhart


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