Thanks teema and teepa…

DSC_0117 mjhanging
We have a swingset now.  Hey, anything to expend some of the energy of our 2 rambunctious boys.  We spent Friday and Saturday at my parents’ in Ohio.  It was too short a visit, but so good for us to see tampa and tamma.  Miles and Jack have been throwing out the funniest lines. 
Some of my favorites:  The other morning, Jack’s waking up and making his requests still from his crib:  “Daddy, I want to ride in an airplane.  Mommy, I want to go in a helicopter.”  Uhhh, you’re in for some disappointment, bub. 
Then Miles gets up and wants “waffles and pancakes with mooberries (blueberries).”  Which, now on my grocery list, I just write “mooberries”. 
I’m in the waiting room with Miles for the dr., and he goes “Mommy, look!  A brown baby!  Brown arms, brown face, brown tummy!”  By now, the mom is glaring at me and my son, and I’m thinking we need more black people in Winona Lake. 
Then in the drs. office, Miles tells me he has to go pee, so I ask the dr. if that’s ok, and he tells the dr. “I’m potty training.”  We’re in the bathroom, and I figure I might as well go, but when we return, he tells her, “Mommy went potty all by herself!” 
Out of the blue the other day, Miles says “Mommy, I want a birthday party.”  Our kids have quite the wish list they rattle off…
The list goes on…They keep us laughing for sure.

SO I’ve found my new favorite drink–Starbucks Iced Cafe Mocha.  With travelling to Ohio, I had my 3rd in 3 days today–it’s the perfect drink for those who don’t have a/c in their jeep and need a refreshing pick me up.  And it’s the best thing we’ve had iced coffee-wise since phnom penh, cambodia (except this doesn’t give the royal D from the non-filtered ice!) 

Tomorrow is our Brazil Sharing Time in the evening service.  I’m always excited to hear what the teens learned during their time there, but it’s also so good to still process what we learned.  But Andy just brought me a hot cup of Starbucks Brazilian Blend (thanks Rach!), so I’m going to enjoy and process…

One more funny thing, Julie, the other day Miles kept talking about a hula hoop, and I was like we don’t have one, and he said “at our other home!”  It’s official in their minds, West Palm Beach is our other home.  That sounds nice, eh? 

Does winter ever have to come?  Global warming doesn’t sound so bad!


One thought on “Thanks teema and teepa…

  1. don_and_ruth_in_Korea

    Hello Royers! Ruth and I are enjoying ourselves here in Sunny (yet polluted) Incheon, South Korea. Glad to see pics of the boys, throw some up of you guys. Andy, Ruth would like to get your mom’s address in Brazil to send her some stuff. Thanks man! Ciao!


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