Some random observations about our day…

Xanga and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship.  I love being able to keep in touch with people from all over the US and many parts of the world, but I hate that I still haven’t figured it out.  I tried to put a cool pic as a backdrop like my friend Jen, and it erased all my settings…so, I’ll just stick with what I know, sharing some of our lives and pictures.  (But I’ll accept any suggestions as to spice up our site.)
One suggestion was a pic of Andy and I, so here goes, although we were having a hard time holding the camera still and pressing the button…toward the end they were all blurry as we were laughing so hard.
miles on back (2)571500-R1-17-7A
We’ve run out of excuses–yes, we moved in this house in November and boxes are still sitting in our garage unpacked, but it’s about time we get serious about reaching out to our neighbors.  We’ve had conversations with most of them, but this Friday is the first we’re having a family over, and I’m so excited!  WHile we have tons of people over week to week, they are mostly a part of our “ministry”, and we haven’t taken the time to truly “love our neighbor.”  
Ok, so for Andy’s birthday, I got him a gift card to itunes, to download some songs of his own choosing.  Well, I put on the playlist today, and wonder if he’s trying to tell me something.  Among the few: another lonely day, I always have to steal my kisses, oppression, pleasure and pain, waiting on an angel, bring me to life, and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for… Gees, is this a bad sign or what?  I’m only kidding, but it was pretty funny.
I’ve been a bit weepy today–well, mainly when I went preschool shopping for Miles.  He needs gym shoes, a backpack, glue, crayons, and an art box, and I could barely hold it in.  It’s only 6 hrs. a week (Mon. and Tue. morning), but there’s something about buying gym shoes for my BABY!  Then tonight a Lowes commercial came on about parents dropping their son off at college–and it’s never good when I try to hide I’m crying because I know it’s silly, but then it just turns to sobs…well, I guess this is my chance to hold him a little closer and cherish him a little more…because soon there’ll be science fair, then prom, then college…ok, so maybe I’m getting carried away!
Tomorrow, there are some girls who have invited me and a friend over to their “spa.”  They’re like 6th-7th grade and are quite the entrapaneurs (or however that’s spelled), and I think it’s so cute they’re wanting to give us pedicures and facials and massages…hey, I’m glad to help them practice to open their own business someday 🙂
Well, the kids are gaining up on us, as they’ve now been asleep for 4 hours…although I’d love a Starbucks iced mocha right about now–you should try one, you’ll love it!


2 thoughts on “Some random observations about our day…

  1. JAMBender

    ~I love to read your posts and see your pictures! 🙂  Jefferson Pointe sounds like a great idea, Jordan and I might just try that out.  We love doing different things, rather than the normal movie and dinner, plus we like to save money and that sounds perfect.  I know they have a Coldstone around there 🙂  The races were a ton of fun.  We just parked our car, sat our lawn chairs out front and just enjoyed it.  Everyone else there was families or older couples like our grandparents age.  It really was a good time. . .it’s definitely going to be something we do again.  I think your boys would love it!
    I can’t even imagine how fast life must fly with little babies. . . .married life has just flown by.  I can’t believe we’ve been married for over 3 months.  It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. . . I’m glad you’re enjoying these moments 🙂  Have a great day!!~

  2. spies_likeus

    I love the pictures 🙂 Sara, you still look exactly the same as you did 11 years ago… it’s amazing, you’re so beautiful:)
    And I think I would feel exactly like you feel if I were getting ready to send my first child away to preschool!! It all goes by so fast!!! I remember exactly where I was when you called me to tell me that you were pregnant with Miles… I was in the check out line in Walmart! 🙂 It seems like it was just a month ago!
    And Thank you guys so much for promoting G. Heart to your teens:) That is so cool! They actually just left for tour today. They have a show tomorrow in NYC at CBGB’s… so they’re pretty excited to be able to play there before it closes for good.
    And I never commented you back about how Miles and Jack were talking about John and I after we met them!! That is Awesome :):) hahaha… hopefully we’ll get to hang out with them (and their parents) again sometime soon!! John and I just loved meeting them and hanging out with you guys.
    Where’s Julie, she needs to get on xanga 🙂


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