Letting go…

The adjustment to preschool is probably more for the parents’ sake than the kids, really.  Miles LOOOOOOVES it.  He is Mr. Jabberbox the rest of the day, and I try to piece together phrases here and there to figure out how it went, but tonight I got some “Don’t push Travis.  Don’t hit Leah.  Don’t push Allison.”  I kept asking questions to find out if he got in trouble for this, but didn’t get too far.  I guess it’s not too bad that we got through this week of preschool and it’s only Tuesday.   I really wonder if there will be a day I don’t drive away with tears in my eyes as I think how quickly time flies!  But then I go home to the most eager little 2 yr. old to play with his momma.  This morning Jack sat on my lap and we drank coffee together as I checked my e-mail (and he listened to his favorite song–Ooh Aah by Grits on the “tumpooter”).  It was a precious moment, and Andy snapped a pic. 

And here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…Miles and Jack
We’re teaching Miles to say “Hi” back to people when they
say hello first.  Here is how it has
gone:  Jack will say “Hi Miles”…I will
say: “Miles, say hi back.”  Miles: “Hi
back.  Bye back.  See you later back.”  Last night before bed: “Good night back.”
Now that Miles has gotten the “special treatment of going to
school,” as far as Jack is concerned, he is milking it for all we’re
worth!  This morning after Miles went to
school, Jack was upset, and I said what would you like?  “Ice cream cone.” Quite the honest answer
from a 2 yr. old at 9 am…so he had his next favorite, coffee.  (No fear, Jack’s growth cannot be stunted!)

We replaced our goldfish, Dorothy (if you’ve ever watched Elmo’s World, you’ll know where the boys got the name), who had died while we were in Brazil.  I don’t know that the kids understood what happened–we kept forgetting to pick one up, but when I did yesterday and brought her home, Jack just exclaims “DOROTHY!”  She’s a third of the size of the original, but I guess as long as she’s orange, they don’t know any better.



4 thoughts on “Letting go…

  1. uthwyf

    Your kids are so adorable!   The picture of the boys on the “Big Wheels” should definitley be submitted somewhere…That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!
     I know how you are feeling about the school thing.  My daughter starts kindergarten this year ( next Tuesday ).  So we will see how it goes.  I loved your comments about feeling like our children have to act a certain way.
    My son who is 7 has always been so concerned with the rules at school ( home a different story ) He tries so hard to do everything right and not get in trouble.
    So I am so worried about Avery.  I know she won’t do anything “Bad”  I just know how much she likes to talk.  I know this can be disruptive in a classroom setting.  But this is such a strong point for her.  Anytime we go ANYWHERE  like playgrounds or places where there are kids.  She always makes a friend and remembers their name. For a long time everytime we passed by a restaurant she would say ” Thats where Laura was” , even though she never saw the child again!  So I guess it doesn’t matter if she will always be getting “In trouble”  She will also always be making people feel really special and always making friends…..That she won’t get to see because she is in detention LOL!!!

  2. peteandheather

    Is that a Gary Neiter mug that Jack is sipping coffee from?  🙂  I have one that is very similar to it and I love it!  Did we have that class together–Elem. Art something or other?  Julie and Kate were in my class.  Julie and I stayed up all night the night before the 20(?) art projects were due.  Ahhh…all-nighters…fun memories that I don’t really want to re-live!  Hey, my brother, Joe, is a freshman at Grace and I told him to check out CCC.  I know he went last weekend and is planning on trying a few other churches before making up his mind, but he said he really liked it.  Weird that you could meet and then see my brother more often than I do! 

  3. JAMBender

    ~I love the picture of Jack drinking from your coffee mug.  He loves coffee already huh? 🙂 Me too.  I hope things are going well, and I’m glad to hear that Miles LOVES school!  Have a great day Royers!!~

  4. jilandrich

    Hi Sara!!! I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while :). I started reading blogs a few months ago when I all of a sudden found myself up a lot at night with only one hand free (night time feedings!). Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed reading about your family. Your boys are such cuties. Thanks for sharing how God has been at work in your family- it’s really encouraging. Thanks for visitng my blog!


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