So long Dorothy #2

Well, Dorothy #2 didn’t fare so well…Dorothy #1 got used to our kids “petting” her, but I think it sent this one into shock, and she never recovered.  The funny part of the death was she was lying on the bottom of the bowl all yesterday, and Andy asked over the phone if she was dead.  I said I don’t think yet–her eyes were still open.  He thought I was kidding…But when he came home I said I think she’s still hanging on…until I was informed fish don’t have eyelids.  Woops, guess I missed that somewhere along the way   So, a trip down the great white throne and a trip back to WalMart for another 28 cent pet–I wonder if we could’ve just exchanged her since she didn’t last a week–maybe we’ll save the next corpse and try it!

We don’t have anything fun planned for Labor Day yet…we were going to go camping, but we have a big college volleyball event at Spikes Sunday night, and Tuesday a.m. Miles has preschool…so maybe a trip to the zoo or canoeing it will be.  And Thursday we leave for Dayton for Holly Ginnan’s wedding, so that’ll be fun!  (I’ll post pics–I’ll try and get a good one of Holl kissing a guy 🙂

Today Andy is with Miles at a Grace vs. Manchester soccer game.  Miles was so excited–mostly because he’s wearing his favorite red shirt with a soccer ball on it and loves to eat Skittles and climb the bleachers (when he’s burning off the sugar 🙂  Jack was happy to play outside with momma until he wore himself out, so now he’s napping, and it’s QUIET!!!!!!!  We took Jack to his first soccer game Thursday–I think I was working as hard as some of the players trying to keep Jack off the field, but then I got him to sit on my lap, and he’d sit there quietly eating Skittles, and then out of the blue, really loud, yell “GO ____!”  (insert random name)  It was hysterical. 

Speaking of soccer, Jake, Roy had me put this on just for you.  He’d cut some sleeves off a shirt, and later Jack found a good use for them…
jack - hat
Happy Labor Day Weekend All!

Ok, I have the funniest story to add.  Tonight we were at the park.  I was pushing Miles on the swing and so proud of my little 3 yr. old, singing his ABCs, counting to 10, and singing “O Praise Him” at the top of his lungs…then an overzealous little boy joins us with his dad.  Miles sings through the ABCs again, and the little boy joins in with perfect annunciation.  Then Miles goes through his numbers again…only this boy goes all the way to 50!  And then the boy goes on to say “sun, mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto.”  After the father congratulates him, he says to me “How old is your son?” “Um, 3.”  I shouldn’t have, but I did…”How old is yours?”  “2!!!”  “Wow, you must be very proud.”  (Thinking:  “Who in the world teaches their 2 yr. old the order of planets??????????”)  Later, Andy’s pushing Miles, and the man again says his son is 2 after reciting the periodic table.  Not really, but he did manage to tell us again how old he is.  I was just as proud when Miles got down off the swing and went over to pee in the mulch–that’s my boy! 


3 thoughts on “So long Dorothy #2

  1. cherithpeters

    Ok, so if your gonna be in Dayton, can I be so bold as to ask for a visit?  I would love to see your boys…and you guys as well of course.  I know things can be hectic with a wedding, but if you can squeeze me in sometime that would be great.  I’m sure Kidron would love to see you too. Let me know.

  2. don_and_ruth_in_Korea

    What’s wrong with peeing in the mulch? And who cares about the planets, those ancient Greek gods are no more than idols anyways. By the way, for the real meaning of the name of our beloved Mt., you’ll have to talk to Will or I in person, as I feel self-concious saying it here : ) (note the change on the website)

  3. JAMBender

    ~haha. .. .I love the last little story, and I especially love that Miles was singing “O Praise Him” at the top of his lungs. … who needs to know the planets when you have Jesus in your heart. .. . plus, Pluto is no longer a planet according to scientists now.  I love the stories of your boys 🙂  Keep sharing. .. . I know you and Andy are wonderful parents 🙂  Have a great day!~


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