Labor Day Fun!

6 years ago Andy surprised me at 4 in the morning, whisked me away to
Potato Creek State Park, where he’d set up a canoe.  We paddled out
into the middle of the lake and he proposed as the sun rose.  How
romantic!  Well, 6 years later, and he’s still got it.  Ooh baby, he’s
got it.  (Sorry, I’m a sucker for 80s music)  Anyhow, Monday, I woke up
and he’d gotten up the boys and gotten them ready and packed a picnic
and we were off for Potato Creek again.  The canoe trip was much
different than 6 yrs. prior–we didn’t make it past a half hour in the
canoe before we had to go back before we lost one.  Once Jack spots
water, he is off and running.  So you can imagine in the boat, he did
NOT want to sit still.  He is like a fish out of water.  But our day
was full of fond memories and the making of new ones. 
When I was
in school, I LIVED for 2 hour delays or school cancelled…well, this
morning was a bit of a disappointment.  Warsaw had a fog delay, which
meant no preschool, which meant we’d gotten up Miles and packed him
into the car with his seashells for show and tell and he was so excited
to go to school…and then we pulled in and no one was there…major
bummer.  It’s just not the same to do show and tell in front of mom and
baby brother…so, delays aren’t really that cool anymore.
Day 1 for Dorothy #3.  So far, so good


4 thoughts on “Labor Day Fun!

  1. peteandheather

    That’s awesome!  Nice job, Andy!  🙂  Sorry for the school cancellation.  Fog delays…we don’t have those out here.  Although schools were cancelled for flash-flooding on Friday on account of tropical depression, Ernesto.  It’s funny how perspective changes things…as a student and then a teacher, I loved delays and cancellations.  As a mom, probably not so much!  🙂 


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