I’m a wombat!

No, I didn’t cut their heads off–I was being artistic 🙂
Well, after 4 days away and some 700+ miles travelled, we’re home.  We went out to Ohio for Holly Ginnan-Bleumhof’s
wedding.  It was absolutely beautiful and very good to be with dear
friends.  I spent Friday with Rachel and Holly, and then we stayed with
Jon and Angie (Foote) Metz.  Saturday after the wedding, we headed up to
Woo-town to spend some time with my parents.  Sunday we took a trip
into the Wayne County Fair!  Woo-hoo!  (Or rather, Yee-ha!)  And today
we trekked back home.  I love that our boys are so used to our roadtrips…But
it’s good to be back home.  They jumped around for an hour after
getting here.  Miles got into the craziest position and was walking around (one arm bent with elbow pointing in the air and other arm straight, but in front of him and hunched over walking sideways).  I said
“Miles, what are you doing?”  “I’m a wombat!” he enthusiastically replies.  Alrighty then.  He cracks me up!

Some highlights of our extended weekend: 

  • Time away…a change of routine, not that we really have routine in our lives anyway
  • Catching up/Laughs with good friends
  • Hanging out with my best friend (and my parents had the boys Friday night, so that was a nice break)
  • Time with my parents
  • Wayne County fair (Ok Julie, you know what I’m talking about here..or anyone who has lived in Wayne Co. knows this
    is purely nostalgia–the fair is so big in our town that they get
    Monday off school for “Fair Day.”  No joke, and I’ve been there like
    every year since I was born, so it was special to take our boys and
    ride the carousel with them and walk through the smelly animal barns
    and see people we only ever see at the fair and pass along the value of
    the fair to them–Andy smirks 🙂
  • Iced mochas (Rachel introduced me to “zebra mochas” otherwise known as
    “black and white mochas”–part white chocolate and part
    bittersweet–they’re amazing.)
  • Meeting Holly’s fiance, now husband.  He is perfect for her, and
    he has the neatest family.  I loved their example of servanthood and
  • Dorothy is still alive after fasting for the weekend while we were gone 🙂





4 thoughts on “I’m a wombat!

  1. peteandheather

    I just have to say that I TOTALLY understand and appreciate the nostalga of the county fair.  The Ashland County fair evokes the same feelings for me.  In fact when I was home over Labor Day I saw signs for it and wished I could go this year.  We had Fair Day, too.  Good old small towns in the mid-west…there’s nothing like ’em!  🙂

  2. JAMBender

    ~I love that your boys run around saying their wombats.  You have such great stories 🙂  I know you’re a good momma 🙂
    And your weekend sounds like a fun time. . . there’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia here and there!  Have a great day!~

  3. peteandheather

    That’s hilarious!  Yet, not altogether surprising…the fair and the people who frequent it are a rare breed!  🙂  I love that you started telling people as a joke though.  I think I went to your fair a time or two with my grandparents–they go to all the surrounding county fairs as well as the state fair each year.  He’s a retired farmer, born and raised in Ashland, Ohio–the fairs are probably the most exciting times of his year!  🙂

  4. filledeparis

    Sar…What a sweet time it was with you that Fri. night! And, you got a cool new dress!Thanks again so much to both you and Andy for coming, and leading us in worship–I am grateful.Love those pics! Trying to settle in; and start clubs. The cabin was GREAT!! Jean and I are praying for you two and Miles–sounds like he is blossoming in many ways! Hope to chat as soon as we have internet. Love you, dear friend, Holly Bloemhof


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