The house is quiet for the first time today.  Aaaahhh…  I only wish my husband were here so we could enjoy the stillness together.  Our college-age group ( meets Thursdays now at 9 pm, and since we’re leaving the boys tomorrow night for a pastors’ retreat, I opted against a baby-sitter tonight.  Tomorrow the pastors and wives are spending the night at Oakwood, and my parents are coming out to watch the boys.  I’m so excited!  (The boys are pretty pumped too!) 
So Andy has bronchitis, and Jack caught something as well–Not sure what his was, but it was enough to make a few rough nights of sleep.  I started a new Bible Study Wednesday a.m.  That combined with the lack of sleep or something made me totally forget Miles’ school pictures Wednesday   I feel horrible–he’ll probably be the only child missing from his class picture…on the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those frames you display at graduation parties with a slot for 3 yr. old preschool…
Ok, let me think about some funny things I’ve heard today:

  • “Miles, what are you drawing?”  “The Promised Land!”
  • Miles has made up several nicknames, among the few:  Jackie, Jiggy (he picked this up from us), Monkey Boy (today I was gathering them around and Miles says to Jack: “Come on monkey boy!”)
  • Changing Jack’s diaper today, he said “I’m being very very helpful.”

I’m learning alot about friendships from our neighbors from India.  Today we were on a walk and Miles and Jack wanted to go play with their girls, so we stopped in on them.  Immediately she invites me in for tea, which is amazing Indian Chai.  An hour later…we headed back home, but only because she had a dance class to go to.  Other times, she’s entertained us for 2+ hours unannounced.  I suppose it has to do with being raised in a culture that’s so warm, welcoming, hospitable, but it’s so humbling to think how poorly I’ve reached out to them when they’ve stopped in on us unannounced.  They truly have a way of putting people first.  Here we thought we were the ones reaching out!  I’m just very thankful for getting to know them.
Sorry no pictures–they’re still as cute as ever!



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  1. JAMBender

    ~Isn’t it great to paint a room and feel like  you were give a total new room?  I love it, and I’m really enjoying our wheat toast room right now 🙂  No we don’t go to CGC any longer.  We got to Nappanee Missionary Church, where Jordan previously went.  It was a really hard decision for us, but what it came down to was: we wanted to be where there were couples our age that we could really plug in with and go deep with.  And as much as I love CGC it’s lacking in that area, so  we’ve started going to NMC full time and I’m really enjoying it.  I never thought I would go to such a large church but I guess God had other plans 🙂  Have a great weekend, and enjoy your coffee in the mornings 🙂 I’ve heard a cup a day is good for you!~ 


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