I had some extra hands to help me make an apple pie tonight.
There is a quality Jack has that I admire and learn from daily and pray
I can become better at it…Jackson is a  peacemaker at heart. 
Spending more one-on-one time with Jack, I am able to better see what
he truly likes to do.  For instance, they always watch a show at 10 am,
and when Miles is here, they watch Wiggles.  But when Miles is at
preschool, Jack prefers Sesame Street.  The thing is, he’s never said a
word otherwise…When I ask what they want to watch, he waits for Miles
to respond and then enthusiastically reiterates whatever he says!  And
it’s not that Jack is a pushover.  He may be 1 yr. younger, but he
could easily take Miles…but there’s a word that always come to mind
when Miles is beating up on Jack…meekness (strength controlled).  He
wants nothing more than to have fun with his big brother…which isn’t
solved if Jack were to take him out…but it’s always solved by Jack
turning the other cheek (after I discipline Miles) and forgiving 70
times 7.  There are tons of examples of this in his 2 yr. lifespan, and
I’m just continually blown away at how he responds so lovingly and
graciously…even if he’s been attacked all day.  I pray alot that Jack
would not grow bitter or turn on Miles, but learn this lifelong lesson
of what lies in store for the peace-maker…they will be called sons of
God (Matthew 5.9). 

Today Miles had show and tell and wanted to bring Dorothy.  I wish I
could’ve been there as he showed off his fish.  But I did get some
shots of him with the butterfly he made…as Jack was at home being a

Um, as for our day…it’s always good to have a Monday (Andy’s day
off), and this weekend was very fun.  So, it’s a good way to start the
week…Wednesday we have a follow-up at the Autism Center in
Indy…we’ll let you know.



2 thoughts on “

  1. Dermike07

    you guys are the coolest family this side of….some significant geological formation

    (okay that wasnt funny) but i was thinking about you guys and i just decided to send a shout out to the royers!
    PS: andy, we’re doing a worship night in a few weeks….the first one w/ dave so any prayers that u might wanna send our way will be much apprieciated!

    love you guys,
    erik jensen


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