and the flu strikes again…


Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but when we placed the kids in the wagons Riley Hospital lends patients Wednesday and wheeled them past the “Pediatric Infectious Disease” dept. on our way to Miles’ dr…I thought this may come back to bite us.  And sure enough, it did.  Friday both boys simultaneously came down with 103-104 degree fevers and Jack couldn’t keep anything down.  (It could be bad timing or the fact that we have people over most nights, but it’s too crazy how many times we find they’re sick in the midst of company…) I think the worst of it is over, but now I’m starting to think I have more than sympathy pains…as my fever may be the second clue.  So, this is going to be short.  But in the midst of nursing our sickos, they said some of the sweetest things. 
    Jack was in the other room throwing up, and Miles was giving his own commentary for what’s going on:  “Jack cries and then says “HI YAH!” (HI YAH said in the same tone as a karate chop.)
    Jack brought a toy for me to open, and when I did, there was a spider in it, so I sqished it, not thinking he would notice.  But Jack, being the sweetheart he is, says “sorry spider.”  I felt horrible…not as bad as the spider, but I need to be more careful, as he LOOOVES nature, especially spiders.
    Miles hurt his thumb and came over for me to kiss it.  He said “I hurt my finger.”  “Which finger, Miles?”  “My oi, tudo bem finger.”  (As he gives a thumbs up and says “Hi how are you?” in portuguese.)


6 thoughts on “and the flu strikes again…

  1. JAMBender

    ~Your boys are so precious!  I always love seeing your pictures of them.  I’m sorry you guys are starting to get sick over there.  I’ll be praying that the sickness will pass soon.  I really enjoy hearing your stories of your boys, their hearts are so soft and caring.  I know you and Andy are wonderful parents 🙂
    I do have an album with my wedding pictures in it.  It came as part of my wedding package.  My photographer did a really amazing job.  I really dislike having pictures taken of me, though I love taking pictures of other people, but I was SO happy with how all the pictures turned out 🙂
    I’ll be praying for your little family.  Keep us all updated on how everyones feeling.~

  2. tsdg

    I hope the flu passes you quickly–no fun when momma gets sick too. I am due April 2nd–I am 13 weeks today. My plan was not to have a baby anytime soon because we are going to language school next year to learn Spanish and I really did not want an infant while learning another langauage. I really wanted to take care of my newborn and not have someone else watch him or her. But–GOd has a plan better than mine. We are hoping to go to language school in Aug or Sept 2007–with a 4 or 5 month old baby. I think I will do a lot of crying that year.


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