The Royer household is a much happier place, now that the kids are over their fevers, vomiting, incessant crying (well, that still happens)  But it’s so hard to look in on your 2 yr. old who can’t even keep tylenol or a few sips of water down and their fever is so high they’re shaking from the chills as they sleep in their crib.  There’s something within us that just wants to FIX IT.  So, we’re very thankful this is Jack tonight before bed…
Happier, I think  So, I really can’t choose which would win the award for the cutest picture…
I spent most of yesterday and today feeling lousy, fever, chills, nauseous…I even took a pregnancy test I felt so crappy (hey, accidents have happened a few times to us before 🙂  I guess I’ve been a little out of it.  When we’re sick, we kind of get in “survival mode.”  You know, wash the items that smell, throw together a meal (because it might not stay down anyway), put back the items the kids drug out that are hazardous (scissors, household cleaners, random medicines–just kidding, mom 🙂  So now that I’m feeling a bit better, I’m looking around our house like this is what happens when you don’t touch it in 3 days…There’s even a half of a baked potato left over from dinner sitting on my nightstand that Miles brought in here saying it was Mr. Potato Head.  So, I think I’m in for some major house rennovations…
But now all I want to do is read this amazing book I’m into that I’ll write about some other time, because it’s deeply theological and is changing the course of the way I think and want to live…so it doesn’t really go with the blog so far…guess you’ll have to stay tuned 🙂  Stay healthy everyone–wash your hands and don’t eat spinach.  Boy, this is the first in news history anyone’s been telling me that.


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  1. katievarela

    My vote is for the first picture of Jack holding the toothbrush in his mouth with his teeth. Precious! I am so glad the boys are feeling better! And I love the half baked potato on your nightstand… 🙂


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