when life and beliefs collide.

Another Thursday night.  I stayed home from the Venture, as Miles has a dr. appt. early tomorrow and I had plans of all I could get done…but I pick up the book and there goes the night.  When Life and Beliefs Collide.  Don’t think I’m writing a book review, but there’s so many things in this book that have stuck out to me.  Maybe some will be an encouragement to you. 
    “We want to know the one who made us, who defines who we are and how we should live and who holds our lives in the palms of His hands.”
    “Tribulation, pain and anger have a way of jarring us out of polite religious conversation with God and our habit of handing Him his daily to-do list.”
    “Sometimes we see God more clearly in the dark, when He has our undistracted attention and we struggle to know if the hand that rules the night is as good and powerful as the hand that rules the day.”
    “A malnourished faith is no match for the artillery that comes against us in the trenches of ordinary life.”
And my personal top 3 so far… 
3.   “Jesus gives purpose and meaning to everything–even senseless moments like this endless wait for an outcome.  Nothing we do falls outside the scope of the race.  Everything matters.  Even the cup of water a mother takes to a little child in the dead of night is a significant act in God’s eyes (Matt. 10.42).”
2.    “Hope is strong within us because we know the character of our God.”
1.    “Christian joy is more than a mood swing or a shift in hormone levels.  Nor is it, as some have suggested, a choice or duty to be happy, at least on the outside, even when we’re miserable inside.  True joy springs irrepressibly from the heart and is always rooted in our theology.  Which explains why joy can appear in the middle of a crisis and coexist with pain, brokenness, grief, or loneliness.  Joy isn’t grounded in our circumstances; it is grounded in the unchanging character of God.”

The other night when Jack was sick, I kept thinking of the #3 quote, and it was so cool to think how our worship of God is all-encompassing.  A cup of water to a sick child in the night, that’s worship.  It’s more than a song, but the state of our heart as we take care of His little ones. 
And the #1 quote is constantly on my mind, as I want that kind of joy.  Rooted in my understanding of who God is and that His way supersedes any ideas I have of a better plan…Joy that springs from my surrender to His holy Lordship over my (and much more difficult, my family’s) life…
I’m just realizing how important it is for me to be in right thinking.  I can’t fake it with kids, they will (and are) pick up when I’m anxious, fretful or trusting, surrendered.  And what a ministry to my husband, to have a response for him when times are hard that flows from trusting ultimately in our Savior.  And now that all sorts of people are watching us, do they see my concerns are selfish or do they learn that there is One’s glory I always strive for?  And what will Christ say?  Hey, you may not even have to read the book if I continue like this!  I just saved you $10.99.
Well, more to come, but Andy just got back…
Tomorrow is DATE NIGHT!  Dinner and Donald Miller.  Really, he’s at WCC in person.



3 thoughts on “when life and beliefs collide.

  1. JAMBender

    ~I think this book just might be on my Christmas list.  I really like quote #1, I think it speaks volumes.  But it is so true, I know sometimes I see people in the church going through a major bout of suffering and in the midst of it their smiling and praising God and they’re just full of this great joy, and you know it only comes from a deep peace in Jesus and a deep sense of knowing who they are in Christ.  I only hope that I could have exactly that kind of faith when something rocks my world. But I know that I’ve failed in the past and I’ll probably fail miserably in the future too.  But the desire is there.  I think I just might have to pick up this book 🙂
    I hope you have a great date night tonight!!~

  2. spies_likeus

    Thank you for the compliment Sara 🙂 You’re so sweet. And yeah… I could wear dresses in the winter here… but it does get cold sometimes, mostly at night.
    And I love what you have written here about the book you’re reading! It’s funny because your top 3 quotes are exactly about what I’ve been thinking lately or where my life is at the moment. Like your #3 quote… I feel like my life currently is waiting for an outcome. But we are where we are in life because that is where God has us, and nothing “falls outside the scope of the race.” I love that.

  3. peteandheather

    ahhh…Sara, I’m so thankful that you posted all that…and that I decided to read it before heading out to my parents’ house for the day…it ministered to me deeply.  I may even use #1 in Joe’s memorial service tonight…we’ll see.  Either way…God is good…all the time.  Thanks for your prayers.


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