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favorite line of the day…
Miles bumped his nose into something and exclaims, “Oh NO!  My nose is falling off…Can you kiss it?”  Did I ever mention our kids are dramatic?


and the unveiling….

As much as I want short hair (and think I may look better with it too Holl), I couldn’t give up the ponytail quite yet, or the not having to style it in the a.m.  But I seriously told her whatever, and she said she’d like to give it more shape and then I can come back anytime this week and have her chop it if I change my mind–what a gal! 
Last night was soooooo much fun.  I’m feeling spoiled–having 4 hours away with my husband last night, just hangin’ out like we’re young and in love (oh wait…) and next wknd. my parents are watching the boys so we can go to a Weekend to Remember Conference in Pittsburgh.  These conferences are free for pastors, we pricelined a hotel room, and we always love bummin’ around Pittsburgh, so I’m really looking forward to it! 
Today we took the kids to Grace College’s Funfest.  There were times that seemed very deja-vous, as I spent 4 years volunteering at it, always looking at the cute kids in their costumes and anticipating that time of life…and now being here, with very cute kids in their costumes, thinking thank you, God, for these crazy, fun-loving, beautiful children.  I still can’t believe they’re mine sometimes.  But here’s some pics:
Miles doing “what superheroes do”
Someone felt left out not having a costume on…
One of my favorite things is walking in on Jack different times during the day where he’s put on some article of my clothing–hat, shoes, mittens, socks…you name it. 
So, I put the last diaper on Jackson tonight (sniff, sniff).  Bye bye diapers–Operation Potty-Training #2 begins tomorrow—yikes!  I guess the unknown is always harder than the actual thing.  While we will be saving huge on diapers…we may pick up on laundry soap and carpet cleaning πŸ™‚  Jack is so ready for this and soooo excited when I showed him his Bob the Builder and Wiggles undies, so maybe the hesitation is more with the mommma.  My BABY!!!   
Yesterday, I asked Miles what his favorite food was, he said “cookies with the frostring on top.”  …So you know what we made tonight.  I’m so bummed because I dropped our camera today, and not only will it not take a picture…it makes a humming sound when trying to focus (VERY thankful we bought the warranty)…But until we get it fixed, I missed the CUTEST pictures of Miles and Jack frosting their cookies.  I placed a cookie and a little frosting on a plate, gave them a knife and showed how to do it.  Well, they would put frosting on the knife, transfer it to the cookie, lick off the cookie, and start again πŸ™‚  Very fun. 
Andy just placed our first call inquiring about a minivan—AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!  Everything in me is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I have a serious case of cold feet.  We’re not even committing to get one at this point, just looking at options.  Honestly, those of you who have them, is it that bad?

to cut or not to cut…

I’m getting my hair cut in 30 minutes…oh, the dilemma.  I’ve been wanting to grow my hair long and have it past my shoulders…maybe past shoulder blades?  Long for me…but all these cute hairstyles are too tempting.  Andy and I are having a date tonight, so it’d be fun to come back with a fun new style…I probably will do the usual and tell the lady whatever she wants to do is fine (you can only do that if you know her well enough.)  Last time I made the mistake of not wanting to wait to go to the usual lady, so I went to one who had lots of openings…bad sign.  I went in, and she said “How would you like it cut?”  “Maybe just a trim, or whatever you think.”  “Would you like layers?”  “Yeah, that would be ok.”  “How many layers?”  “However you normally layer someone’s hair.”  “Maybe 2 layers?”  “If that would look ok, sure!”  “Do you want them just in the back or all over?”  “Really, I’m ok with whatever”….Or so I thought…I probably don’t have to go into much detail, but  1.I wish I’d waited for Stephanie to have an opening.  2.I probably won’t go to someone who just started cutting hair after working all her life in a factory (nothing wrong with a factory job, but maybe not to cut my hair then)  3.I was thankful for the manager who was so kind to pull me aside and fix my haircut after seeing what she’d done to me.  So, off I go–what a fun Saturday, breakfast with a girlfriend, a haircut, and date with my favorite person in the whole world!  I hope you all are enjoying your day.  Granted, today’s “agenda” is a rare treat, but very needed after another dr. appt. in Indy yesterday….blah. 

The other day, Andy was heating up milk for cappuccino’s in the microwave, and Jack was watching them go around on the turntable in there, and he said “Milks are playing ring-around-the-rosey!” 
Yesterday we were in Moe’s (love that place) and Miles was coming back from the potty.  It was lunch hour, so it was packed, and he was yelling over and over the whole way back to our table, “Hey everybody, I went potty!”  We got a lot of sweet smiles πŸ™‚

I know, we’ve had plenty keep checking our site for those promised pictures…maybe we’ll get around to it.  We’ve just had some things come up–some being very much a blessing, and so awesome to get to know some dear friends…some being very heartbreaking and requiring much prayer and time.  I love how God works in times like this–today out of the blue someone we haven’t seen/talked with in over a year calls and says they’ve chosen to pray for a different couple each month, and this month it is us, so they wondered how we’re doing.  Wow, what a cool idea. 
But you know, I just looked at the clock and realized my small group’s coming over in 45 min.  Our living room is, well, let’s say, it looks like we’ve had a lot of fun today πŸ™‚  Ok, so my posts have been rushed and probably a bit disjointed.  Yesterday I was pumping gas and looked down to find I had my slippers on–not the fun new cute ones, just some old black ones.  I just continued with my errands, and thought when else in the world would it take so much to get out of the house (not for me as much as the other 2…) only to find in all that time taken, I couldn’t even put my shoes on…and pump gas in my slippers as snowflakes fall!!!  Aaah, such is this time of life!  I don’t often admit, but I’m starting to grow fond of the madness, editing next phrase, as Andy says it’s too much information, so I’ll just say I love our kids, and with them comes great chaos, but the funniest things to lay in bed and laugh at…

Another pretty funny thing that happened today.  I was dropping
something off at a friend’s house, when I met a lady my friend has
tried to connect me with.  She has 2 older boys (jr. high age) who both
were diagnosed autistic.  You’re thinking “not very funny, Sara.”  I
know, I cannot imagine.  But she was talking about their younger years
and said, laughlingly, things were so bad she used to pray for a
terminal disease that would take her away from all the hardship. 
Again, I cannot even imagine the desperation–But she was so amazing,
and rather witty, about it all.  I just think how awesome how God
brings people through different walks of life.  And then it’s so
refreshing how, at the perfect time, He connects us to learn from each
other.  Although it is comical how when you’re struggling with
something, there are plenty of people who have someone you need to talk
with…but in this case, she was just the right person I needed to see
today…and 2 hours later after “dropping something off”, I thought
what a God-ordained coincidence πŸ™‚  Don’t worry, I’m not praying for a
terminal disease.  Miles has been doing amazingly well.  I love to see
the progress each day and the new things he’s saying.  

Can’t we just go to bed?

We’re back from the retreat.  It was a blast–more pics to come, but we posted what we have for now on
I especially want to get ahold of a picture of my face upon free-falling 50 feet on a giant “swing”–an amazing experience, but I almost peed my pants.  The challenge after a retreat is always figuring out how to catch up on the sleep we missed…with 2 boys who are so excited to now have us all to themselves to wrestle and play with toys…hmmm, we’re planning on watching our first movie together as a family tonight–“curious george” on our bed, and maybe they won’t notice if I drift off πŸ™‚  Well, off to read more books and do more puzzles.


Packing up again…

Sometimes I think I should just leave our suitcases out as part of our everyday furniture–It seems we use them more than some pieces.  Anyhow, we’re gearing up for the big retreat at Camp Crosley this weekend.  Very exciting.  Although, Jack is still convinced we’re packing to go to Ohio.  I keep telling him the people we’ll see, and then he thinks we’re going back to Brazil.  (I’m sure that’s bitter-sweet for the grandmas to hear πŸ™‚ 
        Last night Andy and I stayed up until 1 am to watch the last Lord of the Rings.  The first part of the movie we were trying to recall who the characters were and what they exactly were doing.  The last part of the movie I just was wishing we’d started it sooner, but it was so intense I couldn’t turn it off.  And by a fluke, our boys slept in until 8.30!!!  (One plus for winter–as it stays darker longer in the a.m., so does our sleeping grow longer.)  I’m not a huge fan of fight scenes, and you know that’s most of the movie, so there were several things going through my head.  Was hard for them to sword fight with long hair? (I think it would get in my eyes and mess up my peripheral vision.)  I really hope God is pre-trib.  I should read the books sometime…along with many others…
        Tuesday night about 10, I was finishing my Bible study for our time Wednesday morning, and I was looking back through the week…wouldn’t you know I did the wrong week!  Like, 2 weeks from now!!  I guess that’s what I get for late night Bible studies, but what do you do when your 3 yr. old has given up naps?  ANyhow, I’m thankful I did the wrong week–this week just hit me where I needed it, and it was about God’s sovereignty…so maybe God knew I needed this???  
       I really like Barak Obama.  I’m just learning about him–from TIME, so maybe I should research some more…I heard he was on Oprah, but didn’t catch it.  But, ok, since we didn’t meet the criteria for a free flight and our miles were expiring, we have like 20 magazine subscriptions.  Ok, maybe only 10.  But I’m beginning to feel smart again–well, maybe just more informed. 
        Ok, funny thing.  Miles starts telling me today all he’s been learning
about Zaccheus and Bartimaeus (would you know Bart. is his favorite
BIble story?) and so on, and he goes “Jesus is in heaven with God. 
It’s terrible around here, and Jesus come back.”  Then he just kept
walking around saying “It’s terrible around here.”
         Well, we’re getting calls left and right–typical of pre-event eves.  So, it’s a bit scattered, I’m sure.  Have a fun weekend everyone!  (and pray for us!!!!!!)
       Oh yes, any tips for getting crayon and pen off walls?  I looked up online and from others’ suggestions I’ve tried:

  • baking soda (worked the best, but still there)
  • magic eraser (works, but takes off the paint)
  • toothpaste (whatever)
  • hairspray (although, I don’t use hairspray, so I tried mousse–no go)
  • every cleaner we have (we have too many cleaners)
  • pam spray (shot in the dark)
  • I might as well try leftover scalloped potatoes if nothing else works.

Seriously, my rag had so many blended smells on it, and then I started going through our house, spotting different things and wondering if that would be our breakthrough.  “Hmmm, cornstarch.  Well, if soda could work…what about baking powder?”  Then to the bathroom “Shaving cream?  Worth a try.  Wish I had some crest white strips left–kinda like toothpaste.”  Oh well, any suggestions? 

Random slices of the mind…

Nothing like hanging out with toddlers all day to make one’s thoughts very random.
I pulled out the boys’ Halloween costumes to see if they fit.  I  bought Miles’ $22.99 spiderman costume last year when it was 80% off, so I wasn’t sure if I’d projected the right size.  Well, it fits great, and as soon as I put it on, he was so excited running around, saying “I’m a superhero!!!”  Then I pulled out Jack’s bee costume, which is way cute, but all this excitement about a superhero, the last thing Jack wanted to be was a bee.  I tried to play it up like Miles is a superhero spider, and Jack is a superhero bee…but Jack just wants to be a superhero spider too.  Maybe I’ll just make Jack a cool cape like that guy you saw, Jil, and add it to his superhero bee costume πŸ™‚  So, they wore them around all morning, and Andy asked Miles at lunch what does a superhero do? He said “They fly around up in the sky and then come down and go…”  (Picture taken to illustrate what they do then)
I have no idea where he came up with this, as we’ve never watched spiderman or even taught him the word superhero.  I guess all boys just know what a superhero is and does…

Miles has done some amazing drawings lately.  Yesterday he started drawing apples, but he doesn’t want to draw them on paper, so I had to take pictures because he’d finish some really great ones and then erase them  So, here they are:
Meanwhile, Jack pulled some socks out of Mt. Laundry and made his own new fashion.  (Note the picture book he’s looking at.  Whenever we leave family, Jack is glued to photo albums for the next few days.) 
jack - socksoboyoboy
This was Andy’s first day back to work after a 5 day vacation…We made it, but sometimes I wished we lived on a deserted island.  “We don’t need alot of money, we’ll be sleeping on the beach”–Over the Rhine.  I guess it would go against what we want to do with our lives, you know, make an impact on people’s lives, and we’d miss family and friends, but we really like hanging out together.  I guess it makes for a good daydream…

We have our fall youth retreat this weekend.  I’m very excited.  We’re taking the boys, so it will be adventurous for sure!!  And I’m excited that 3 girls in my small group have their birthdays this week, so it will be lots of birthday parties for Miles!!!  (He still asks for a birthday party atleast once a day).

And for those of you who are tempted to think our kids aren’t normal…Today we went to the library.  We didn’t make it to storytime–we didn’t get around early enough πŸ™‚  But we were getting some books, and there was a little girl standing there.  I saw it coming, and left my place in line to defend the little girl, but too late–Miles scratched her in the face.  She started crying.  Jack started screaming (you’d think he was the hurt one, and I haven’t quite figured out why he screams when someone gets hurt, but anyhow…)  Miles apologized to the girl, and I apologized to the dad.  He said it was no big deal–I felt otherwise.  Of course, everyone is watching as Jack’s screaming, Miles is now saying he has to pee, and I’m just trying to get some kids’ books…The lady who checked me out was very kind, but the whole time there was this lady sitting on a chair just glaring at me.  I’m used to my kids acting out in public and dealing with it–it doesn’t phase me like it used to…But I’m still not used to the glares I get.  Good therapy–After getting home, put on my new slippers, turned on the CD player as loud as I could (still being able to hear if Jack’s life was in danger or not), sang at the top of my lungs, and made pasta for dinner.  Andy’s back home, and Miles is running around in his superhero costume, and it’s been a good day.