Miles “catching” mulch

“I hear airplane.  Look mommy, up in the sky!” –Jack
Miles is my little “helper” in the kitchen–he makes more mess than helps, but taking a little extra time making dinner is worth the pride and joy he takes in helping.
I admit.  I’ve had a bad attitude about fall coming…not so much fall coming, as in summer leaving.  I used to love fall and the changing leaves and apple cider and crisp air to wear sweaters again…but that was P.K. (pre-kids…or pre-konvertible :), now I DREAD cold weather coming!!!  We are outside every day we possible can be (rain or shine), but once the snow hits, this warm-blooded girl can’t take it anymore…So, anyhow this weekend I’ve attempted to get over it, and indulge ourselves in fall.  We packed up the kids Saturday and drove 1 hour to an orchard–not the closest orchard, but the most experience-full.  We get there 1/2 hour before they close…enough time to drink 5 cups each of the sample apple cider, eat all the samples of the different flavored apples, look at the bees (Jack’s favorite part), each pick out a pumpkin, buy a caramel apple to all share…and realize we don’t have cash…they don’t take debit or credit.  Hmmm, thankfully I talked them into letting us mail a check to them.  And we drove home.  It was a very fun time, of course, it was still warm, but baby-steps to accepting we live in Indiana and winter is coming!
This morning we were reading John 8, where people are gathered to stone the woman caught in adultery and Jesus says “The one without sin should cast the first stone” and they all drop their rocks and leave.  I love how Jesus diffuses the situation.  He takes everyone’s eyes off the lady and her sin and urges us all to look within.  I’ve been thinking alot about this lately, how we are so quick to label people or point the finger, whether it’s to “help” them or “pray for” them or to make ourselves feel better, it’s really just a tool of Satan.  Because it takes our focus off the sin we all have within that needs dealt with and places them on one whose sin seems worse… I just love how Jesus deals with this, to not only lead the crowd to search their own souls and quickly realize they have much to work on, but after He floods the woman with grace, He urges her to deal with her sin as well.  What a Savior! 
         And for the grandparents:  The other day Jack was studying Andy’s freckles, calling them “polka dots,” so Andy was teaching him “freckles.”  Later, he pointed to a freckle and said “Look, a pretzel!”
          I leaned over the other day to give Miles a hug, and he looks at me and whispers “Mom, I want a birthday party.”  Um, we will in May, honey…


3 thoughts on “

  1. tsdg

    I love Miles b-day party comment–it kept me laughing for a few minutes. I’ve always loved fall too–but I’m not looking forward to not being able to go outside with the boys. I thought you all were in Ohio, where in Indiana are you living?

  2. jilandrich

    It was so good to see you tonight! How funny that we ran into each other- I loved meeting your family. Let us know when you head to Jefferson Pointe again…we’ll meet you for some chicken nuggets 🙂


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