painting pumpkins



was a very fun day.  I picked up the phone this morning to start in on
the endless insurance calls and to work on setting up Miles’ case
conference and blah, blah, blah…and instead, called a good friend,
had a very encouraging chat, and didn’t touch the phone again for the
rest of the day!  I’ll deal with it all on Monday…but today was
beautiful, and so we painted pumpkins and had some friends over for
dinner and watched a movie and are brewing some coffee for some rounds
of Blockus (can’t play it without thinking of you Dave and Trish 🙂  I tried to hold baby
Jordan again tonight, and Jack starts screaming.  It’s very flattering,
but can be annoying that our kids are so jealous for their momma. 
Usually Jack just cries until I give the baby back, but tonight he went
to hit Jordan’s head…oh the testosterone these boys have!

Winona is having some sort of Fall Festival.  I’m doing all I can to
get into the spirit–even drinking my 3rd cup of apple cider for the
day, but everything in me still says Bah Humbug, I want to move
somewhere warm.  Enjoy the day, wherever you are.  Life is precious!


2 thoughts on “painting pumpkins

  1. Sugarfree23

    So much fun!  I want to paint a pumkin!  Love your pictures…have you guys ever gone on a hayride drawn by horses?  That’s a fun fall treat or a corn maze?  I love fall so these might lessen the fall spirit for you.  I don’t know.   You’ve inspired me despite your “ba humbugness;” =)  I going to buy a pumkin tomorrow! 

  2. turtlegirl76

    Sara and Andy,
        Just thought I’d stop by and let you guys know how cute your kids are… I miss the change in seasons (but definately not the cold weather)… Stan and I are going to be in Colorado and Nebraska over Christmas to visit his family and I am definately not looking forward to the cold weather…. I haven’t been back to the mainland (in the winter since I graduated from Grace), I have been in the summer twice though… I guess its a good thing I kept my winter coat…   Have a good weekend!!


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