Kids say the darndest things…

Andy and I are reflecting on the fun of the day and have to share some of the crazy things our kids say.
        We were leaving for the park, and Andy tells Miles it’s time to go.  He casually, calmly informs dad otherwise…”Um no, I’m outside eating peanuts–sorry.”
        I’m driving the kids to church yesterday and Jack says “Look mom, water.”  Me: “Where do you see water?”  Jack: “Actually, it’s a lake.”
        Among the other things our “little mommy” has said…Jack has caught onto a few of my phrases.  Yesterday and today, when something exciting happens, he says “Oh my goodness!”  He will put in his suggestions of what he wants to do and say “Okay mommy?  That’d be fun!”  He’ll walk into the room and usually say “Oh, hi” or “Well, hello there.” 
        After Miles went down a slide today, he had extreme static, and I said “Your hair’s sticking up all over the place!”…to which he starts Quacking…guess he thought he’d make the most of static hair and pretend to be a duck.
       Miles had show and tell today and wanted to bring a pumpkin he painted for his teacher.  He wants to give the other pumpkins to his grandmas–“One pumpkin to grandma in Ohio and one for grandma in Brazil.” 
        I was dropping the boys off at Murphy’s house before youth group Sunday, but their house is right by the hospital, where Miles goes for speech therapy (with Tammy, but he calls speech therapy “play at Tammy’s house”), and he says “Bye play at Tammy’s house.  It’s play at Murphy’s house time.”    
       These boys come up with the craziest things.  They drain us of all energy and yet excite us for another day of wondering what they will do next.  I love this stage in life.  They are little sponges, like the phrases Jack has picked up, that mimic my exact words and tone.  There is nothing that has pushed me to sharpen my character and ask God to refine me like having toddlers–they are constantly observing and defining their ideas and views of this world, and most importantly, God. 
Again from this amazing book, a quote I just read: “A mother rocks the next generation of the church in her arms, and one way or another, the church to come will feel the effects of her spiritual influence.  Her husband and her children will either draw strength from or be weakened by her efforts as a pastor, teacher, and counselor at home.” 
I have been blessed with parents who have given me such a strong, Godly example of clinging to God, in good times and hard.  And I beg God to make me more like Him.  Kids or not, isn’t that we are all to do?  We are influencing those around us, either way.



One thought on “Kids say the darndest things…

  1. JAMBender

    ~I love the stories about your boys. The things they say always make me smile and look at life a bit differently. We can learn so much from the mouths of children. Plus it makes me look forward to having my own little ones someday :)~


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