Bet you can’t top this…

So, thinking that Jack needs some special things to do while Miles gets to go to school, we ventured to the library’s storytime this morning.  Jack was more interested in riding the turtle in the library than sitting still for a story…but him screaming and storming out of the room was not the worst of it.  Oh no, my friend.  We picked out some new videos for our trip to Ohio this wknd. and then he didn’t want to leave, but I had to pick up Miles, so I carried a kicking and screaming Jackson out to our car.  I was trying to buckle him in as he was throwing punches and kicking like the soccer player he will be when the lady beside me was waiting to get in her car.  I said, Go ahead.  She said, That’s ok, I have 3 of my own, I’ll wait.  So, I finally finish the 5-point harness and shut the door, thank the lady for waiting, walk around to get in, and my door is locked.  That’s strange, I used the remote opener.  Hmmm…where are my keys?  Oh, I see them on the seat.  Jack’s door is surely open…no, locked.  And my keys happen to be on top of my purse with my cell phone.  Ummmm…”Excuse me, lady?  Can I use your phone?  I locked my keys, purse, phone, and 2 yr. old in my car.”  How INSANE!  Thankfully, Andy’s cell phone worked for once, and he was able to come and rescue us.  Needless to say, I will never live this down.  Jack was so ticked–screamed the whole 15 minutes, especially when I’d try to explain to him what was happening…

Andy’s giving the boys a bath, and I hear Jack say “More time out?…Maybe tomorrow.” 
I have some pics to post of our finished fence–Andy did an amazing job and finished the staining in time for the snow.  But Miles is jumping up and down saying “Look at me mommy, I have beautiful jammies on.”  So, later. 


7 thoughts on “Bet you can’t top this…

  1. JAMBender

    ~This entire post made me laugh. How very precious your life is right now 🙂 Amidst the locked keys in cars and beautiful jammies you are experiencing great joy 🙂 I love reading about it, thank you for sharing about the craziness in your life, so we could all laugh and remember that there is joy to be found in everything. ~

  2. crabtrees

    oh, I’m so sorry.  Wish I couldn’t have know ahead of time, I could have stayed to keep you company.  I must have left seconds before you realized you were locked out.  Hope to see you next Tuesday.  It can only get better….right?

  3. Sugarfree23

    Geesh!  You must have a lot of patience!  I would have died!  I thought not being able to find my wallet at the checkout was bad with 80 dollars of groceries…. not being paid for and 3 very ticked off and tired women behind me in line.  Thank the Lord for cell phones, husbands that are our personal heroes, and that nice lady!  Oh yeah,….my wallet was out in the car…..we found it….after my husband drove the whole way to come pay for the groceries…. OPPS.  Your so humble….I wasn’t going to post my opps….darn it!  =)  


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