Random slices of the mind…

Nothing like hanging out with toddlers all day to make one’s thoughts very random.
I pulled out the boys’ Halloween costumes to see if they fit.  I  bought Miles’ $22.99 spiderman costume last year when it was 80% off, so I wasn’t sure if I’d projected the right size.  Well, it fits great, and as soon as I put it on, he was so excited running around, saying “I’m a superhero!!!”  Then I pulled out Jack’s bee costume, which is way cute, but all this excitement about a superhero, the last thing Jack wanted to be was a bee.  I tried to play it up like Miles is a superhero spider, and Jack is a superhero bee…but Jack just wants to be a superhero spider too.  Maybe I’ll just make Jack a cool cape like that guy you saw, Jil, and add it to his superhero bee costume 🙂  So, they wore them around all morning, and Andy asked Miles at lunch what does a superhero do? He said “They fly around up in the sky and then come down and go…”  (Picture taken to illustrate what they do then)
I have no idea where he came up with this, as we’ve never watched spiderman or even taught him the word superhero.  I guess all boys just know what a superhero is and does…

Miles has done some amazing drawings lately.  Yesterday he started drawing apples, but he doesn’t want to draw them on paper, so I had to take pictures because he’d finish some really great ones and then erase them  So, here they are:
Meanwhile, Jack pulled some socks out of Mt. Laundry and made his own new fashion.  (Note the picture book he’s looking at.  Whenever we leave family, Jack is glued to photo albums for the next few days.) 
jack - socksoboyoboy
This was Andy’s first day back to work after a 5 day vacation…We made it, but sometimes I wished we lived on a deserted island.  “We don’t need alot of money, we’ll be sleeping on the beach”–Over the Rhine.  I guess it would go against what we want to do with our lives, you know, make an impact on people’s lives, and we’d miss family and friends, but we really like hanging out together.  I guess it makes for a good daydream…

We have our fall youth retreat this weekend.  I’m very excited.  We’re taking the boys, so it will be adventurous for sure!!  And I’m excited that 3 girls in my small group have their birthdays this week, so it will be lots of birthday parties for Miles!!!  (He still asks for a birthday party atleast once a day).

And for those of you who are tempted to think our kids aren’t normal…Today we went to the library.  We didn’t make it to storytime–we didn’t get around early enough 🙂  But we were getting some books, and there was a little girl standing there.  I saw it coming, and left my place in line to defend the little girl, but too late–Miles scratched her in the face.  She started crying.  Jack started screaming (you’d think he was the hurt one, and I haven’t quite figured out why he screams when someone gets hurt, but anyhow…)  Miles apologized to the girl, and I apologized to the dad.  He said it was no big deal–I felt otherwise.  Of course, everyone is watching as Jack’s screaming, Miles is now saying he has to pee, and I’m just trying to get some kids’ books…The lady who checked me out was very kind, but the whole time there was this lady sitting on a chair just glaring at me.  I’m used to my kids acting out in public and dealing with it–it doesn’t phase me like it used to…But I’m still not used to the glares I get.  Good therapy–After getting home, put on my new slippers, turned on the CD player as loud as I could (still being able to hear if Jack’s life was in danger or not), sang at the top of my lungs, and made pasta for dinner.  Andy’s back home, and Miles is running around in his superhero costume, and it’s been a good day.


5 thoughts on “Random slices of the mind…

  1. JAMBender

    ~Such great pictures. . . .you seem to always be taking pictures, what do you do with them all?  Scrapbook?  Put them in albums?  You’re going to have so many memories from when your boys were little.  🙂  I hope I take as many pictures when we have kids too.
    I can totally relate to wishing we lived on an island with our families. . . just to all be together is so much fun. . .who needs work anyway? 🙂 ~

  2. katievarela

    You definitely have to wonder if those glarers ever had kids themselves, and if so, they must not remember what it was like.

    I love the superhero bee idea! 🙂 And is that zucchini on Miles’ plate, and he does he actually eat it? I am impressed if it is/he does.

  3. theroyerfam

    DISCLAIMERS: Jess, I have NO CLUE what to do with all these pictures! I want to remember all these fun memories but don’t have the time to scrapbook or money to develop them all…so, they’re on CD after CD after CD until I run into a whole bunch of money or time…hmmm…Katie, Our boys, ironically, LOVE zucchini! When they were babies, I would steam a whole zucchini and puree it, and they would finish it wanting more! Now, they like it sauteed in garlic and butter–with salt, of course. And don’t let the pics fool you–our carpet is a yr. old, but there are about 5 big coffee stains throughout the house from our 2 yr. old coffee monster and little stains around from a cheap bottle of bubbles, but I’ve found it looks better if I don’t vacuum–that’s handy 🙂


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