Packing up again…

Sometimes I think I should just leave our suitcases out as part of our everyday furniture–It seems we use them more than some pieces.  Anyhow, we’re gearing up for the big retreat at Camp Crosley this weekend.  Very exciting.  Although, Jack is still convinced we’re packing to go to Ohio.  I keep telling him the people we’ll see, and then he thinks we’re going back to Brazil.  (I’m sure that’s bitter-sweet for the grandmas to hear 🙂 
        Last night Andy and I stayed up until 1 am to watch the last Lord of the Rings.  The first part of the movie we were trying to recall who the characters were and what they exactly were doing.  The last part of the movie I just was wishing we’d started it sooner, but it was so intense I couldn’t turn it off.  And by a fluke, our boys slept in until 8.30!!!  (One plus for winter–as it stays darker longer in the a.m., so does our sleeping grow longer.)  I’m not a huge fan of fight scenes, and you know that’s most of the movie, so there were several things going through my head.  Was hard for them to sword fight with long hair? (I think it would get in my eyes and mess up my peripheral vision.)  I really hope God is pre-trib.  I should read the books sometime…along with many others…
        Tuesday night about 10, I was finishing my Bible study for our time Wednesday morning, and I was looking back through the week…wouldn’t you know I did the wrong week!  Like, 2 weeks from now!!  I guess that’s what I get for late night Bible studies, but what do you do when your 3 yr. old has given up naps?  ANyhow, I’m thankful I did the wrong week–this week just hit me where I needed it, and it was about God’s sovereignty…so maybe God knew I needed this???  
       I really like Barak Obama.  I’m just learning about him–from TIME, so maybe I should research some more…I heard he was on Oprah, but didn’t catch it.  But, ok, since we didn’t meet the criteria for a free flight and our miles were expiring, we have like 20 magazine subscriptions.  Ok, maybe only 10.  But I’m beginning to feel smart again–well, maybe just more informed. 
        Ok, funny thing.  Miles starts telling me today all he’s been learning
about Zaccheus and Bartimaeus (would you know Bart. is his favorite
BIble story?) and so on, and he goes “Jesus is in heaven with God. 
It’s terrible around here, and Jesus come back.”  Then he just kept
walking around saying “It’s terrible around here.”
         Well, we’re getting calls left and right–typical of pre-event eves.  So, it’s a bit scattered, I’m sure.  Have a fun weekend everyone!  (and pray for us!!!!!!)
       Oh yes, any tips for getting crayon and pen off walls?  I looked up online and from others’ suggestions I’ve tried:

  • baking soda (worked the best, but still there)
  • magic eraser (works, but takes off the paint)
  • toothpaste (whatever)
  • hairspray (although, I don’t use hairspray, so I tried mousse–no go)
  • every cleaner we have (we have too many cleaners)
  • pam spray (shot in the dark)
  • I might as well try leftover scalloped potatoes if nothing else works.

Seriously, my rag had so many blended smells on it, and then I started going through our house, spotting different things and wondering if that would be our breakthrough.  “Hmmm, cornstarch.  Well, if soda could work…what about baking powder?”  Then to the bathroom “Shaving cream?  Worth a try.  Wish I had some crest white strips left–kinda like toothpaste.”  Oh well, any suggestions? 


4 thoughts on “Packing up again…

  1. cmanahan

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked on crayons at my house; however, it also worked on the paint, so we’ll be repainting. If it’s not colored paint, it probably wouldn’t look as bad as mine does.  Good luck!!!  Christa


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