I know, we’ve had plenty keep checking our site for those promised pictures…maybe we’ll get around to it.  We’ve just had some things come up–some being very much a blessing, and so awesome to get to know some dear friends…some being very heartbreaking and requiring much prayer and time.  I love how God works in times like this–today out of the blue someone we haven’t seen/talked with in over a year calls and says they’ve chosen to pray for a different couple each month, and this month it is us, so they wondered how we’re doing.  Wow, what a cool idea. 
But you know, I just looked at the clock and realized my small group’s coming over in 45 min.  Our living room is, well, let’s say, it looks like we’ve had a lot of fun today 🙂  Ok, so my posts have been rushed and probably a bit disjointed.  Yesterday I was pumping gas and looked down to find I had my slippers on–not the fun new cute ones, just some old black ones.  I just continued with my errands, and thought when else in the world would it take so much to get out of the house (not for me as much as the other 2…) only to find in all that time taken, I couldn’t even put my shoes on…and pump gas in my slippers as snowflakes fall!!!  Aaah, such is this time of life!  I don’t often admit, but I’m starting to grow fond of the madness, editing next phrase, as Andy says it’s too much information, so I’ll just say I love our kids, and with them comes great chaos, but the funniest things to lay in bed and laugh at…

Another pretty funny thing that happened today.  I was dropping
something off at a friend’s house, when I met a lady my friend has
tried to connect me with.  She has 2 older boys (jr. high age) who both
were diagnosed autistic.  You’re thinking “not very funny, Sara.”  I
know, I cannot imagine.  But she was talking about their younger years
and said, laughlingly, things were so bad she used to pray for a
terminal disease that would take her away from all the hardship. 
Again, I cannot even imagine the desperation–But she was so amazing,
and rather witty, about it all.  I just think how awesome how God
brings people through different walks of life.  And then it’s so
refreshing how, at the perfect time, He connects us to learn from each
other.  Although it is comical how when you’re struggling with
something, there are plenty of people who have someone you need to talk
with…but in this case, she was just the right person I needed to see
today…and 2 hours later after “dropping something off”, I thought
what a God-ordained coincidence 🙂  Don’t worry, I’m not praying for a
terminal disease.  Miles has been doing amazingly well.  I love to see
the progress each day and the new things he’s saying.  


2 thoughts on “

  1. katievarela

    You definitely made me curious about what Andy said was too much information. 😉 That is so great that you met the mom of the two older boys who can share almost exactly what you’re going through! God certainly knows what He’s doing.

  2. peteandheather

    Yeah, we definitely feel blessed to have our Wednesday nights for just the two of us.  Although this past week, we both have colds and we just sat around and watched a movie (which was very nice) and then we both agreed it was just too quiet, we missed our crazy little guy.  🙂  I guess what they say is true, absence makes the heart grow fonder!  (and we were already quite fond!)  Do you and Andy get many date nights?  It’s got to be tougher with two and not living near either or your families.  By the way, I love the way God put that woman in your path…He’s so cool like that.  There’s a woman at my church who lost her son several years ago when he was just an infant and she’s had 8 miscarriages, and she’s been such an encouragement to me.  She has such a heavenly perspective on life.  God is so good!  🙂


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