to cut or not to cut…

I’m getting my hair cut in 30 minutes…oh, the dilemma.  I’ve been wanting to grow my hair long and have it past my shoulders…maybe past shoulder blades?  Long for me…but all these cute hairstyles are too tempting.  Andy and I are having a date tonight, so it’d be fun to come back with a fun new style…I probably will do the usual and tell the lady whatever she wants to do is fine (you can only do that if you know her well enough.)  Last time I made the mistake of not wanting to wait to go to the usual lady, so I went to one who had lots of openings…bad sign.  I went in, and she said “How would you like it cut?”  “Maybe just a trim, or whatever you think.”  “Would you like layers?”  “Yeah, that would be ok.”  “How many layers?”  “However you normally layer someone’s hair.”  “Maybe 2 layers?”  “If that would look ok, sure!”  “Do you want them just in the back or all over?”  “Really, I’m ok with whatever”….Or so I thought…I probably don’t have to go into much detail, but  1.I wish I’d waited for Stephanie to have an opening.  2.I probably won’t go to someone who just started cutting hair after working all her life in a factory (nothing wrong with a factory job, but maybe not to cut my hair then)  3.I was thankful for the manager who was so kind to pull me aside and fix my haircut after seeing what she’d done to me.  So, off I go–what a fun Saturday, breakfast with a girlfriend, a haircut, and date with my favorite person in the whole world!  I hope you all are enjoying your day.  Granted, today’s “agenda” is a rare treat, but very needed after another dr. appt. in Indy yesterday….blah. 

The other day, Andy was heating up milk for cappuccino’s in the microwave, and Jack was watching them go around on the turntable in there, and he said “Milks are playing ring-around-the-rosey!” 
Yesterday we were in Moe’s (love that place) and Miles was coming back from the potty.  It was lunch hour, so it was packed, and he was yelling over and over the whole way back to our table, “Hey everybody, I went potty!”  We got a lot of sweet smiles 🙂


3 thoughts on “to cut or not to cut…

  1. filledeparis

    Sar,I’m anxious to know what you decide. I think your hair is so cute shorter.I think I will soon have my hair layered all over, and a bit shorter. Post a pic of the new style. Love you, Hol

  2. jilandrich

    I know that feeling too well. I’m way too giving when it comes to hairstylists’ liberty. My favorite is when I tell them- I basically want it really thinned, I don’t like it big. And then when they style it I’m like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias. I hope it went well. Have a great night with Andy!


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