and the unveiling….

As much as I want short hair (and think I may look better with it too Holl), I couldn’t give up the ponytail quite yet, or the not having to style it in the a.m.  But I seriously told her whatever, and she said she’d like to give it more shape and then I can come back anytime this week and have her chop it if I change my mind–what a gal! 
Last night was soooooo much fun.  I’m feeling spoiled–having 4 hours away with my husband last night, just hangin’ out like we’re young and in love (oh wait…) and next wknd. my parents are watching the boys so we can go to a Weekend to Remember Conference in Pittsburgh.  These conferences are free for pastors, we pricelined a hotel room, and we always love bummin’ around Pittsburgh, so I’m really looking forward to it! 
Today we took the kids to Grace College’s Funfest.  There were times that seemed very deja-vous, as I spent 4 years volunteering at it, always looking at the cute kids in their costumes and anticipating that time of life…and now being here, with very cute kids in their costumes, thinking thank you, God, for these crazy, fun-loving, beautiful children.  I still can’t believe they’re mine sometimes.  But here’s some pics:
Miles doing “what superheroes do”
Someone felt left out not having a costume on…
One of my favorite things is walking in on Jack different times during the day where he’s put on some article of my clothing–hat, shoes, mittens, socks…you name it. 
So, I put the last diaper on Jackson tonight (sniff, sniff).  Bye bye diapers–Operation Potty-Training #2 begins tomorrow—yikes!  I guess the unknown is always harder than the actual thing.  While we will be saving huge on diapers…we may pick up on laundry soap and carpet cleaning 🙂  Jack is so ready for this and soooo excited when I showed him his Bob the Builder and Wiggles undies, so maybe the hesitation is more with the mommma.  My BABY!!!   
Yesterday, I asked Miles what his favorite food was, he said “cookies with the frostring on top.”  …So you know what we made tonight.  I’m so bummed because I dropped our camera today, and not only will it not take a picture…it makes a humming sound when trying to focus (VERY thankful we bought the warranty)…But until we get it fixed, I missed the CUTEST pictures of Miles and Jack frosting their cookies.  I placed a cookie and a little frosting on a plate, gave them a knife and showed how to do it.  Well, they would put frosting on the knife, transfer it to the cookie, lick off the cookie, and start again 🙂  Very fun. 
Andy just placed our first call inquiring about a minivan—AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!  Everything in me is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I have a serious case of cold feet.  We’re not even committing to get one at this point, just looking at options.  Honestly, those of you who have them, is it that bad?


7 thoughts on “and the unveiling….

  1. peteandheather

    I love the hair!  Gorgeous!  I’ve been working growing mine out too…so tempting to chop it though.  We’ve been talking minivan’s lately too…one of our cars is dying and we’re hoping to have more children, so…I’m resisting it, but it does seem the most practical and cost effective.  My friend from church has one after having an SUV, and actually prefers the minivan now!?!?

  2. JAMBender

    ~Your hair looks beautiful! I know when my hair is long I want it short, but when I cut it I always hate it, so I’m attempting to grow mine out now, since the after wedding chop happened 🙂  Great pictures of the boys. . .sounds like you had a great weekend!!~

  3. Samiannie

    If you are looking into getting something that large, get an SUV.  The great thing is that you will have a ton of cargo room with it still and it won’t be a mini van.  James and I have a SantaFe and we really enjoy it.  Gas milage on it is great when it comes to SUVs.  We made a trip out to Ohio this summer with 5 adults and luggage for the 5 as well.  It was tight, but a ton of fun.  Good luck with your search!

  4. cherithpeters

    Sarah, I LOVE my minivan!  It is so comfortable, and convenient.  Make sure you get one with the sliding doors on bith sides, it’s a must! I don’t really know what to say to sell it, but I can almost guarantee that if you get one you will love it! Well, if you have another kid at least. It may not be as big a relief to have all the space with two kids, but once there are three it feels so freeing.


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