We just found our camera is indeed working…thankful, but a bit bummed over the pics missed, especially last night for trick or treating.  I used to have huge hangups with Halloween, you know the controversy over the original intention.  Although, I realized it’s pretty inconsitent.  Holidays these days have evolved from their original meaning.  Did you know Easter was originally founded by a missionary to Northern Africa, where the people converted but would not give up worship to the goddess Ishtar (the goddess of fertility), sacrifices included bunnies and eggs to represent fertility.   So he “Christianized” Easter, but we celebrate in a way the sacrifices to a pagan god when we bite into a Cadbury egg or chocolate bunny…Anyhow, a piece if history from my smart husband.  So, last night we went trick-or-treating, and maybe I’ll figure out a better stance before next year.  It does disturb me how caught up in materialism and frantic-paced lives we become around Christmas, and I have strong isssues with that, like never teaching my kids about Santa, but what’s the harm in adding to our stash of potty candy?  So, off we went around our neighborhood.  Miles as spiderman.  Jack as superbee.  And momma even dressed up.  Although no one knew who I was…Here’s a test for your children’s tv programming skills–I was the owner of Clifford, but what is her name?  Well, Miles has been calling me this as a joke for a few days now, so I pulled out a pink shirt, black skirt, pink and black striped socks and had a stuffed Clifford on a leash.  Our kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

Potty-training Jack has been a hoot!  (But I wouldn’t expect otherwise.)  Monday was a wash–literally, did tons of wash.  But yesterday, he was so funny when he realized he’d get a piece of candy everytime he’d go (He can pick 1 jelly bean or candy corn or gumdrop)…SO, crazy kid would go just a tad, get candy, swallow candy, and “need” to go some more…Wicked cycle–over a period of 20 minutes, he went 8 times…Now, this can’t last too long or that kid’s gonna be wired!  Today we had Bible Study and went to a friends’ house after, so I didn’t work too much with him, but he’s catching on.  “Hip hip hooray!!!”  (Jack’s words after he goes)

Yesterday, when I got Jack up in the a.m., I said, “I need a big hug.”  He looks at me with sleepy eyes and says “I need coffee.”  (Wonder where he’s heard that?!?)
Last night, when we were walking around the neighborhood, it was dark and Jack was lagging a bit behind.  He was mumbling something to himself.  I held back for him to catch up, and heard him telling himself over and over “Don’t be scared.”
Miles is out of the napping phase, but we still go through the routine, and once every few weeks he’ll sleep…but again today, it was I who fell asleep, (and this is usually what happens, hence the coloring on the wall, etc.) and after awhile Miles came in cockadoodledooing for me to wake up.   (I prefer the cockadoodledoo to his electric guitar he also likes to use to wake me up 🙂
Oh, sometimes it just strikes me how a mom’s work is never done.  It’s not like someday, we’ll have retired–Once a mom, always a mom.  And for those who don’t have kids, enjoy the freedom, backpack Europe and do all you can that you can’t with kids!  And for those with kids, let’s fully enjoy these critters.  They are fearfully and wonderfully made, and we will give account as to our care for them.  Our Bible study was on the Prov. 31 woman, you know the most intimidating woman out there.  But the striking thing to me of what kept her going is her fear of the Lord.  We don’t pick up our house or cook or entertain guests or care for sick children or go to endless dr. visits for any reason other than we serve a risen Savior, a faithful God!  One thing I’m forever grateful for my mom teaching me is what matters most before God is my heart.  Any simple act can be worship if our hearts are right–the right response, changing endless diapers, doing eternal laundry, cooking countless meals..Please don’t think I in any way have gotten this.  It’s just a continual challenge for me, and I hope to cheerlead you that what we do matters!  Ok, a little boy wants me to join him in the bathroom 🙂  Press on, ladies!


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  1. Anonymous

    “Although Halloween has become a night of rollicking fun, superstitious spells, and eerie games which people take only half seriously, its beginnings were quite otherwise. The earliest Halloween celebrations were heldby the Druids (devil worshippers) in honor of Samhain, Lord of the Dead, whose festival fell on November 1.” -(From Halloween Through Twenty Centuries,     by Ralph Linton, p. 4.)

  2. peteandheather

    Wow, Jack has some great bladder control to be able to make himself stop and go like that!  That’s hilarious!  🙂  Thanks for the words of encouragement to all of us moms.  I have a VERY full day today (why am I even taking time to check this?) and I needed an attitude adjustment or heart check before I try to accomplish the rest!  Thanks! 

  3. cherithpeters

    OOO..OOO…OOOO…Emily Elizabeth. 🙂  I never have the energy, creativity, or just plain ol guts to dress up with the kids, they always want me to.  Good for you.  On another note…I wish I had the bladder control of a two/three year old!(Stevie does the same thing) Unfortunately I don’t have bladder control BECAUSE of a three year old! I know our job never ends and sometimes that gets really discouraging and seems insurmountable…but who gets a paycheck as rewarding as ours?  An endless supply of hugs and kisses and “I love you mommy”s  not to mention the eternal rewards!     


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