Did you know today is an actual holiday?  It is National Men Make
Dinner Day.  No joke.  I saw it in Woman’s Day magazine at Miles’
therapy this a.m.   Who would’ve known?  Just had to make sure we don’t
miss out

Andy leaving for work this a.m.
Last minute wrestles with dad.
Not letting dad go without putting up a fight.
If you have to go, we’ll just come with you.
Our boys have an amazing father.  I love how he loves them, and I love how they love him.
Can’t wait to see you, dad!


6 thoughts on “

  1. LauraSharbaugh

    I think your boys are adorable. Seeing them with Andy actually makes me think that having boys wouldn’t be that bad 🙂  Most days I just want girls. Enjoy your evening…

  2. JAMBender

    ~I’m sure Andy is a really great dad 🙂 I can’t wait to see Jordan with our little boys someday.  I had decided a long time ago that I only want boys.  I would be happy with one girl, but I don’t think I can handle more than that.  I don’t want a girl like myself, moody, emotions all over the place. . .I don’t think I could handle all the broken hearts and the like that goes with girls, I would want to march into the school and beat up the boys that broke my daughters hearts.  So I’ve decided I’ll be content with a daughter and then daughter in laws 🙂  Jordan thinks because I only want boys, I’ll get 6 girls.  Goodness.  Your boys are adorable, and I love reading about the journeys of motherhood through you 🙂  Have a great weekend~


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