weekend to remember

This weekend was…awesome.  I may be going out on a limb here, but if you ever have a chance to get away, I completely recommend the Weekend to Remember conference.  You can find dates/places at http://www.familylife.com/conferences/find_conference.asp.
We drove out to Ohio Friday morning, dropped the kids off at my parents’ and stayed in Pittsburgh until Sunday afternoon, picked up the kids and came back here yesterday afternoon.  One thing that’s different about this time getting away together, is we always long for time away, then it flies by so fast, and as soon  as we see our kids we’re greeted with mass chaos…and the cycle continues, and our refreshment quickly fleets…but we still see it as vital to have a break now and then.  This time seems different already.  Although, by the end of the weekend, most men I imagine are “talked out” as there are homework, application things to go through, etc.  We have a whole ton of tools now to keep the refreshment.  It’s not like anything magical happened.  It was just a huge encouragement to love each other…and pursue “oneness”. 
So, enough of my Family Life promotional…
Some highlights of the weekend:
        Friday, some very good friends drove up and stayed the night with us.  (It was SOOOOOOO nice to see you guys.  Thanks so much for driving up to see us.  Sorry we didn’t break out the Blockus…  As always, we’re just very encouraged to spend time with you.) 
        Saturday, we ate at a Cambodian restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh–yummy.  Then Saturday night, the sessions ended early for date night.  Very nice.  Drove all over Pitt. looking for a Cheesecake Factory, got very lost, asked numerous people on the street…no cheesecake.  But very nice otherwise 🙂
        Sunday, it was so nice to be greeted by our 2 boys.  They were standing at the door clapping when they saw us get out of the car.  We haven’t been allowed to leave their sight since then…
        Monday, when we got home Andy was greeted by his new Ipod.  New isn’t even the most exciting part…it was free!!!!!  Free 30G Ipod!!!!!  Yes, freeipods.com isn’t a scam aferall.  We’re very excited.
       I think that’s all, folks.  Here’s some pictures of Miles watching baby Asia’s movies.  (Jack is the blur in the background.)  But I love how Miles is into babies now…Jack’s still got a fury of jealousy…although he’s  potty-trained  now, when anyone asks his name, his reply is still “Baby Jack.” 



One thought on “weekend to remember

  1. JAMBender

    ~I’ve heard many good things about the “weekend to remember” retreat.  I think our church goes around Valentines Day, and our young marrieds class tries to go every year.  I’m really looking foreward to it and I hope we can go.  I’ve always wanted to go when I’ve heard about it on the radio.  I’m glad you and Andy had a refreshing time away, and I hope that you’re able to put into practice what you learned 🙂


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