Some things I can’t figure out…

—L O S T.  I guess I’m out of the loop.  My HS small group meets Wed. nights, so it’s never been much of a night to catch the shows.  But now that the girls are totally hooked, going “LOST parties” and all, they’re out the door by 9 pm, and Andy’s at the gym.  So I sat down to catch this show EeeeVvvveryone’s been raving about for the past year.  I’m totally lost.  Maybe I need some background…
—I’m teaching on personality types in less than a month to our mom’s group at church.  Need I say more?  I love the chance to share, but I always get myself in over my head.  Do I have a counseling degree?  No.  Any major training in personality types?  No.  Um, I just read a book.  And when I was asked to speak, I was so into this book…so was asked to speak on the topic…But yet another thing I can’t figure out.  This book covers the 4 main personalities (powerful, popular, perfect and peaceful).  According to this book, many people are a mix of 2 personalities, but it’s impossible to be a mix of the 2 opposite personality types (powerful-peaceful, popular-perfect).  I don’t know if I lost you.  But I scored the highest in the popular – perfect area, according to the book.  And also according to this book…it’s impossible.  Do you ever just wish you were a different personality?  I always think life would be simpler if I were the peaceful type…Oh well, I have some major work to do in the next few weeks.
—Tonight I was at a Juice PLus party.  Don’t really know what to call it, kinda like a pampered chef party, but all about juice capsules.  Anyhow, one of the illustrations of how unhealthy we are is they showed a McDonalds burger…passed it around, had us smell it and look for signs of when she may have purchased it.  Other than the fact it was a little dried out…there was no odor to it, no mold, no bugs, etc.  Looked maybe a few days old.  Gues how old.  No really, guess…Ok, she bought it in Feb. 2005.  SICK!!!  It’s never been refrigerated…But the amount of preservatives in that burger has made it age with no effect.  I’m sure there are some chicken nuggets nuzzled in our boys’ carseats.  I’m tempted to take them out and see how long they preserve.  So, anyone up for a happy meal? 
—How do I love these boys so much?  Today was absolutely NUTS!  Part of it was my problem with cramming too much into it.  But part of it was just crazy kids…both still getting the hang of the potty.  (Enough to drive one batty.)  During small group, Andy took the boys to testdrive some vans (scaaaaarrrryyyy!!!)  All the boys wanted to do was go to Aldi’s.  Speaking of Aldi’s, yesterday, I labored through my grocery shopping, filled our cart full of the items on my list, got to the checkout, start unloading, pull out my debit card….only, where is my debit card?  Nowhere to be found.  That’s strange, but there’s nothing to do, as Aldi’s only takes debit or cash (I have neither.)  Items back in the cart.  Apologize to cashier.  Cart left in store.  Exit the store.  Go home to hunt for my debit card.  Next day debit card is found when we put our duvet cover back on our comforter.  I’m not sure who the guilty culprit, but I’m sure they’re around 3 feet tall.  And I’m guessing it’s the one who loves to “help you with da wash now.”  Grrr…

The pics you’ve all been waiting for…the giant swing. Oh, what one will do for the cheers of 40 teens and an incredibly adventuresome spouse…
DSC_0300 DSC_0301



2 thoughts on “Some things I can’t figure out…

  1. katievarela

    We haven’t gotten into Lost, but only because we know if we watch it we’ll probably get hooked. Same with 24.

    I’ve had some moments when I’ve gotten to the checkout counter and thought I didn’t have my wallet/money, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m sure it will happen, and I’m sure it has happened to most every mom!

    The pictures are SO fun!!!


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