If we were trapped on a deserted island and could have only 1 box with us…

Christmas has arrived!  I don’t know if you catch this, Mike and Anne, but thank you, thank you, thank you for the clothes!  It’s always so exciting to go through what you sent.  Our boys are most excited about the spiderman boxers.  Thanks SOOOO much for thinking of us!
Someone has been sneaking out to the living room as soon as he gains an ounce of consciousness and working on making a sandcastle or tower or garage.  This morning, around 7, we woke up to the sound of a tub of legos being dumped on the living room floor.  Tonight I’m going to bed without picking them up…it won’t be that way when I wake up, so what’s the use 🙂
What a little charmer.  Dan and Becky, does this picture look like one you took around 26 years ago of a certain little boy (although he was sleeping with his hat and mittens on)  I went in to turn up Jack’s heat, found him sleeping like this, and can’t believe how much he looks like his daddy in this pic.
jack sleep2
I can’t believe it’s approaching Monday–just about an hour left to the weekend.  It has been alot of fun, but very full.  I love Mondays–it’s Andy’s day off, and after this weekend, we really need a day off.  I’m not sure what we’ll do yet–maybe hang out at Barnes and Nobles with the boys, maybe a date, maybe good ole family time at home.  Whatever, I’m just very excited to have my husband to myself (and the 2 other little moochers 🙂 

I’m still processing the sermon this morning.  It seems I keep getting hit left and right about how comfortable I’ve become in life.  It wasn’t long ago that we decided to settle down here for a few years and focus on Miles’ therapy/treatment and what God has for us here in this community and church.  This was necessary, as we had been living in a “parenthesis” (as we would refer to it) saying we’re here, but heading overseas any minute.  We can’t live in a parenthesis all our lives…  But it’s so hard to find the balance with contentment and making the most of our time here (while not a day goes by that Andy and I don’t think about going overseas) and not becoming comfortable…and then valuing or striving for my comfort.  So when the pastor this morning asked us to open to Acts 20, I groaned inwardly.  Verse 24 has always been such a challenging verse to me, but I’m so far from it.  However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish
the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of
testifying to the gospel of God’s grace. 
I want this to be true of me!  It seems the more valuable my life becomes with an amazing husband and precious children, the more I want to protect it…as if they didn’t come from God anyway. I don’t know how this looks for us right now.  I do know there are risks I’m not taking, and should.  Alot to process…maybe tomorrow.

On a lighter note, when I picked up Miles from Sunday School this morning, he turned and said to his teacher “Thanks so much for everything.  Thanks for all the miracles!”  We laughed so hard.  I want to be in that class!


4 thoughts on “If we were trapped on a deserted island and could have only 1 box with us…

  1. tsdg

    Miles comment to the Sunday School teacher is hilarious! Hope you have a great day with your whole family. I always enjoy reading about how God is challenging you—thanks for sharing so openly.

  2. JAMBender

    ~I hope you all have a wonderful Monday off!  I bet that’s a great way to start the week.  I love the pictures of your boys sticking their head out of the boxes.  When we were little my dad would bring home these massive refrigerator boxes (because he works at UPS) and my sister and I would make them into houses, we’d cut out windows and a door and draw flowers and shutters on the house.  It would seriously keep us busy for weeks at a time 🙂 ~


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