It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Editing original post…I got ahead of myself decorating for Christmas
and didn’t “wrap up” Thanksgiving first.  Tuesday we made Indian hats
while Miles was at school–to match the one he has worn nonstop until
we left it at a friends’ house 😦
Ok, the last picture got a little scary, so I stopped with the pictures.
Thanksgiving Day, we went to my brother Jeff’s, in Columbus.  Miles’
favorite was turkey and Jack’s favorite was “hot red bread” (rolls with
homemade strawberry jam).  It’s very rare that my entire family is all
together (my brother came in from NYC too), and I can’t believe we
didn’t get pictures of it…but here’s some I did take.  Then we went
up to Woo-town and stayed at my parents’ until Saturday.  We got to see
Chris and Julie Mantegna (I’m so glad we got to see you guys.  Sorry if
we got you hooked 🙂  Hope to see you in warmer weather soon!!!)
Well, it’s official.  I get to listen to Christmas music, unbothered
for the next month.  Not just Sarah MacLachlan and Over the Rhine
Christmas…Harry Connick too now.  Woot woot!!  We’re getting our tree
this afternoon, so I’ll be sure to get some good pics on here from it. 
While I grumble and mumble on the inside about winter weather coming
(and really, it’s been a beautiful week), this is one part of the year
I think would be hard in warmer climates.  There’s just something
special and nostalgic about getting bundled up, driving out in a snowy
forest, chopping down a tree and coming home to decorate it and drink
something warm. 

This post is getting very long, but I had to include the ACTUAL Christmas tree-finding experience.
Get all bundled up.
Drive over the river and through the woods to the place we used to get our tree when Andy was in seminary…get there with 2 excited boys to go Christmas trick-or-treating.  (They were confused as to exactly what we were doing…)  But there’s no longer signs from the road…and there’s no longer signs at the farm.  The place appears to be no longer in the Christmas tree business!!!  I guess it’s been 4 years   At this point we have 2 very disappointed boys that they can’t get out of the car, that no one’s giving them candy and Jack is hoarse from being sick and also from screaming because he’s sick of the car… So we drive to Marsh and get a beautiful tree minus the experience of chopping it down.
Come home, make dinner, put the boys to bed, decorate the tree ourselves, gets way too late we and need some comic relief from the day.  (Andy’s always good at providing that.)
I think we’ve covered it all.  Even if I haven’t, I have a little boy who needs my attention, and has figured out when he touches the tree, he gets it…so, farewell.


3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. SinginMama

    Sorry you guys are sick!  Carina is sick, too – with her normal respiratory issues.  She has pneuminitis for the second time this month.  Anyway…. glad to hear you can get your Christmas music out now..that makes it so much more fun. A little shameless self promotion here. If you want something new….you know….you  can always check out our new Christmas album “incarnation” .  LOL : ) Just thought I’d put a little plug in there…am I horrible? 


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