This could be it folks…
Andy’s making plans to pick up our new ride tomorrow.  I can’t believe this is happening to me–I thought I could hold on strong until I was 30–I did hold out for a sunroof though.  Anyhow, if all goes through, I could be driving a minivan tomorrow.  Insane.  Anyone want to buy a jeep?  Ok, I have major cold feet now…  I don’t know if my hesitation is at doing the SUV to minivan switch anymore as it is I’m super-sentimental.  It’s annoying at times.  The other day when Andy drove down to check it out and was considering trading the jeep in, it occurred to me I hadn’t said goodbye yet.               
            We’ve been through alot together–When we found out we were pregnant with Jack and had a 4 mo. old.  She brought us through some doozy blizzards.  The drives to Miles’ surgeries when he couldn’t eat anything and was so little and hungry and couldn’t understand so I’d sit in the back with him to comfort him.  Bringing Jack home from the hospital.  Mutliple trips between Indiana and Ohio.  Roadtrips.  Daytrips to Brandywine Falls or Cuyahoga Valley Nat’l Park.  Driving down to Columbus to leave for Cambodia without our kids for 2 weeks.  Moving to Indiana.  Getting broken into and robbed on my way to Ohio alone with both kids.  Toting our bikes for many family bike trips.  If our car could talk – It probably has Clifford and the Wiggles memorized, dreads another dr. visit, has major hearing loss from long trips when our kids get restless, and can’t understand why we’re trading her in.  Sniff, sniff…She’s been good to us, and I only hope new Maz can be half the car…

Funny Jack quote of the day.  I started to make dinner, and didn’t realize I was pretty loud banging around some pans.  He comes in the kitchen and says “WHAT is GOING on in HERE?”  (Wonder where he’s heard that…)


7 thoughts on “

  1. ajaxyomama

    I love minivans… I drove a full sized van my freshman year of college and my celebrity station wagon is still my all-time fav vehicle I ahve ever owned (and I drive a jetta). word.

  2. tsdg

    My first vehicle was a minivan and I’ve had one ever since my senior year of college!! We did own a car for a few years. I really like all the extra room. It has been so convenient for trips! Happy Minivan Buying!!

  3. JAMBender

    ~May your jeep rest in peace. . . . .I’m holding out as long as I can to not get a mini-van. I think it’s just a part of me in my head that blocks out that reality. I refuse. . . .and for now, Jordan’s ok with that. Someday, when we really need it, he might argue 🙂 I hope you LOVE your new van, just as much as you love your jeep. . I know you will have so many more wonderful memories made in it!~

  4. JAMBender

    ~It has been around 4 years hasn’t it?  4 years-2 babies for you guys and a marriage for me. . .it seems like a lifetime sometimes doesn’t it?  Unfortunately my brother is participating in “No shave November” at college and he’s beginning to look a bit Amish.  He looks so much better without his beard. . .but he does look older with it.  Hope you’re liking your new van!!~


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