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It’s New Year’s Eve…

…and I’m all partied out…  I planned a progressive party for the HS tonight, but didn’t find a baby-sitter, so they’ll have to karaoke without me.  I’m actually looking forward to going to bed as soon as the kids do–am I getting old or what?!?  Andy’s going for awhile, even though he’s still got the nasty fever/flu, but it’s been an eventful few days, so he hasn’t had much time to “be sick.”
       Yesterday we got a very random call from someone we haven’t seen in a very long time…Pav.  He was in our wedding and then we ran into them at Cornerstone 01, but those are the only times I’ve seen them.  I’ve heard so much about him, all the adventures of “Pav and Roy” growing up in Brazil.  Anyhow, he gave us a call yesterday a.m. saying they were in Wisconsin and were on their way back home, and wondered if they could swing by and see us.  They spent the night with us and left this afternoon.  WHat a fun surprise!  This was the first chance for me to get to know Pav or Kate and to play with their daughter Ever.  I love unexpected visits like that.  We never thought our week would’ve included getting to see them!  Very cool. 
       Our boys are much better, although I do believe we’ve created a monster.  Jack was so sick last week that I’d do anything to help him feel better–offer him whatever to get him to eat, hold him constantly, you get the point…well, he’s sleeping in his bed now (praise the Lord!), but is having a hard time getting back to reality.  PLus he’s still hoarse, so I feel bad letting him cry.  But he needs to understand he can’t have fruit snacks for breakfast!
Just some random things our boys have said that make me smile:
       Yesterday Miles’ first words were “Daddy’s sick.  Baby Jack’s very mad.”
       Dorothy #3 died.  Miles says she went to W (WalMart).  I said “What is she getting at W?”  Jack said “diapers.”  Interesting…
       The other day Norah Jones came on, and Miles said “listen to this music in Brazil on daddy’s computer.”  Unbelievable.  We would play Norah Jones (Jack’s favorite at the time) on the computer when they’d nap to block out the sounds of fireworks from the World Cup Brazil games, etc.  I can’t believe he recognized the singer and remembered that.
       The other day before nap, Jack was praying and said “I need to go to Brazil soon.”
       Every prayer since Christmas, Miles thanks Jesus for the presents.
Well, here’s to a Happy New Year.  In Murphy, NC, they lower a possom in a cage from a pole at midnight.  I was thinking that would be a fun tradition to implement this year…maybe next year.  I’m just ready for bed…  Guess you’ll have to party on without me!


Well, I hesitate to write about our Christmas for a few reasons:  1. There are others out there who are having harder times than ours (dealing with losing loved ones or being apart at Christmas)  2. Christmas is a celebration of a Savior being born, so how can we not be overwhelmed with joy?  3. I should be done feeling sorry for myself.  4. You all are going to think our family is a bunch of sickos…I’m starting to think so too. 
Friday Miles woke up with a very high fever, and laid in bed all day with chills–the dr. office was closed, and the alternative was the E.R., so we waited it out, and Saturday he seemed better–only worn out. 
Saturday and Sunday, Andy’s sister’s family came over.  Our kids had a blast playing together–they have some cute kiddos. 
Monday, we packed up and drove to my parents’ in  Ohio.  I’ve been looking forward to this week for weeks…Andy took the whole week off, and we were so excited to have time to just relax, hang out with family, catch up on conversation and life.  My parents were going to take the kids for a day and we were going to celebrate an early anniversary. 
Wellllllll….Monday we kept saying Jack feels warm and isn’t acting himself.  He went to bed ok, but kept mumbling strange things in his sleep and was burning up, so I gave him some tylenol, and he threw it up everywhere and everything after that…  So, Christmas night, Andy and I took shifts holding a burning up, hallucinating, puking, very sick child.  Tuesday and Wednesday, he wasn’t any better–I did get some tylenol suppositories (NOT fun to give a 2 yr. old), but it helped bring the fever down some.  Wednesday night he slept most the night in his bed, which we were very thankful for.  And Thursday we drove back home, exhausted, longing for a vacation, wondering why, just tired more than anything.
Poor Jack talks about going to Ohio all the time.  He prays most nights we can go, and last night when he was praying, he said “Dear Jesus, thank you for this day, thank you we could come to Ohio….”  Then he sat there silent for 1 min.  I’m sure he just wondered what happened.  And I couldn’t hold back tears.  I felt so bad for him..and for all of us.  It just doesn’t make sense.  I’m sure we all can say at times life isn’t fair.  And while I want to demand it should be, it won’t be this side of heaven.  While I was longing for a vacation, I realize that only temporarily satisfies.  I need more of Christ.
So today he seems to be feeling better–a week gone by of sickness in the family.  Andy and I are trying to stay sane and get over our own bouts of whatever sickness they’ve shared with us before we return to “normal” life.  It’s certainly a Christmas we won’t forget.  Not because I took a bunch of pictures of our kids in their misery, but because we’re forced to find good in otherwise a defeating situation. 
And a family who watches our kids sometimes just sent us this one of Jack–this is our Jiggy (only I don’t know whose glasses those are 🙂
jack at wittes

decisions, decisions, decisions…

Sometimes I get “decision overload” and it was helpful to hear others’ thoughts.  My favorites are #2 and #3… and I went to order them both, but with the border we chose, snapfish was taking off our heads, so #1 and #4 it is…but I think I’ll order some of those without the border for the family.  Anyhow, thanks.

So, the birthday party.  It did not disappoint.  It was hysterical.  It was 70 people, 35 children under the age of 4 and a very small room (for that much noise 🙂  We had a blast.  Everyone was so friendly and while there’s always a bit lost in translation, it’s such a blessing to become friends with these people.  Most of the moms are at home with their kids, and I’m overwhelmed with the opportunities to get to know this community.  The games were CRAZY!  We brought a bean bag toss game, pinata, and pin the nose on the clown.  No pics of the games, as it was a bit chaotic at those times, but here’s some  promised pics:
the birthday girl (in white)
Lots of yummy food I had no idea what it was, but then they had pizza for the kids.
Laying out a blanket for the kids to eat on
A little fuzzy, but those of you who know our kids, know there’s something with them and dark-haired females.  Yes, they were in heaven!  Miles and Jack both at times get silly around Asians, Indian ladies or just dark brunettes, and they were their little “charmers”.  Miles would periodically go up to the birthday princess as she sat on the couch waiting for the guests to arrive, and would whisper in her ear “Happy Birthday Vedha”  It was so cute.

So, last night I made a very difficult decision I may regret someday, but I have a feeling there will be plenty ahead.  Our pastoral Christmas dinner was last night, as was Miles’ preschool Christmas program…which would you choose?  Well, considering it was his 3rd Christmas program this year, and I have plenty video footage of him jumping up and down clapping in between songs, then getting stage fright during the songs, we thought he’d have more fun at a basketball game with the family who watched them as we went to the pastors and wives Christmas dinner.   And we had a fun time too, and I hope it didn’t scar him for life to miss his Christmas program (he’s only 3 🙂
Well, it’s time to start lunch.  I’m enjoying these laid-back days with the kids.  There’s plenty I SHOULD do, but it’ll be there tomorrow too…I did vacuum the living room floor (probably last time until next year…or we get a new
vacuum 🙂  But really, it seems the days I get myself involved in too much, the kids are out of control.  I think they just do everything they can to get my attention.  So, after feeling a little burnt out, we’re just hanging out this week.

we’re taking a vote…

We got the pictures back from today’s photo shoot.  These are our favorites, but we can’t decide which should be our family Christmas card.   What do you think?
close up family
close up fam (2)
family sled (2)
family sled 2 (2)
And we’re throwing some other fun ones in of the kids. 
on top of dad (2)
The Jack in the Hat
jack hat sled (2)
jack hat sled 2 (2)

miles hat sled - cheese (2)
They really DO love each other!!!
together sled (2)
And the 2 of us…we look kinda boring without the unpredictable kiddos.
andy and sara
By the way, I think I was in a bit of a “freak out” mode today when I posted earlier.  The kids are in bed, I have a good cup of coffee, Andy’s feeling better, we’re going out for dinner tomorrow, and life is good.

we are alive and well

In case any of you are considering picking up taco bell for dinner…don’t do it!  I’m usually the unofficial spokesperson for their mexican pizza, but not this week.  I know it could be just coincidence, but Andy had a grilled burrito from taco bell the other night, woke up the next morning and rejected everything his body had in him…it was a looooong day.  And I was just sure we were going to get it as something that violent is kinda unavoidable in our house…but we’re all fine.  I’m thankful, but won’t be getting taco bell for awhile. 
       So, we did do the cheesecake appreciation dessert Wednesday night.  Switching the day so last minute, it was mostly our college students who help out.  I haven’t gotten to spend much time with them and it was alot of fun.  Although there is a funny story I have to share from the evening.  I was standing waiting to take a guy’s coat who had just arrived.  He was bending over to take off his shoes, and Jack flies around the corner (on a cheesecake-sugar buzz).  He almost loses his balance, so he uses the guy’s butt as leverage to gain his balance.  Then he flies into the other room.  The guys stands up and gives me an odd look.  Oh no.  I realize what’s happened, as I’m the only one behind him–he thinks it was me!  So, I say, “Um, that wasn’t me.  It was Jack…”  But Jack’s nowhere in sight.  And it was a little awkward.  But funny to think about now  
       Yesterday evening my small group made cookies for the community Christmas outreach tonight.  That was fun as well.  But I’m tired.  That’s the only thing about having fun and hanging out late with people…our kids are sweetly sleeping away and then wake up ready to go at 7.  I’m hoping tomorrow we can slow down a bit.  Sunday will be another crammed day with the birthday party right in between a.m. church and p.m. youth group.  Sometimes I feel like a zombie stumbling in late for everything, going from event to event, never really living life, but letting it happen as I’m present but not really there, only thinking about the next thing I have to do.  That sounds sad, doesn’t it?  I don’t mean it to, and it’s not entirely true–just feels like it.  We just need an adult-sized “time out” I think. 
         Today someone came over to take some family pictures for our Christmas cards.  They turned out really nice, so I will post some as soon as we get them back.
         So where in the world did November go?  I realized today I’ve been putting things down on the calendar and not really looking at the dates.  It’s December 15th.  Is it really?  Not that we’re doing anything fancy for Christmas, but I guess there goes making my cards this year 🙂  Well, hope everyone has a fun weekend (and a true sabbath–ours will be tomorrow).

the plague…

A plague of some sorts hit our home this a.m.  Andy can’t keep anything in…  We have 4 cheesecakes and 2 cakes…  We kept thinking it was going to pass, but it is running its course and taking its toll.  Poor guy.  We’re shooting to have the Appreciation Dessert tomorrow night…unless he’s still sick or one of us catches it.  Then we’ll make runs to drop off the cheesecakes (maybe I shouldn’t say “runs”…)  It’s hard to explain a day like this.  Maybe I’ll tack it onto the list of wishing timing was a little different. 

Oh you guys, I don’t even know what to write.  I mean, there’s alot to
say…just condensing it is the issue.  I didn’t get started on my
Christmas cards Thursday…some little turkey had misplaced my
embossing tool.  Maybe I need to accept this is not the year to make
our cards…I thought it would be cheaper for the amount we send, but I
don’t know that it is.  I could have scrapbooked, but maybe I’ll return
the scrapbook for a picture box 🙂 
Saturday, Miles had a birthday party for a friend from preschool.  I
stayed with him, and various times my eyes welled up with tears
watching my little boy so grown up but taking such pride in his momma
being by his side–I know that will end someday, but I hope not. 
Here’s some pics I took:
Sunday, we had some friends over after church and they stayed until the
40 Miles North Concert that night.  Sundays are crazy, but I really
like having people over after church–Sometimes I can walk in and out
of church and never have true “fellowship” or community.  So, we’re
working on figuring out how to add that to our Sunday.  I was debating
on going to the concert, as it was a busy wknd, and I didn’t want it to
be too much on the kids, but I’m so glad I did.  The songs were so
meaningful with a richer perspective on life and this time of
year–Thank you 40 Miles North.
         Today, I baked cookies at the church in the am for the Christmas
Community Outreach Friday night.  And then came home and baked 3
cheesecakes and 2 cakes.  We’re having our student ministries
leadership team (the people who help us out) over tomorrow night for
cheesecake.  Andy just got home from working out, and is trying to
convince me to give him a sample.  It is hard to bake 5 cakes and not
get to taste-test.  Maybe I’ll have a heart…
        Tonight, our neighbor called and has asked me to be in charge of games
on Sunday for her daughter’s birthday party.  I was asking her for more
details–70 people.  35 KIDS.  Mostly 3-4 yr. olds.  15 1-yr. olds.  1
hour of games.  HELP!  (These are our neighbors from India, so our kids
will be the only Americans)  Um… ideas, anyone?!?  It really should
be a riot.  Andy is going to dress up as Santa Claus.  He is practicing
his voice and laugh.  She said “Oh, he will be a very handsome Santa.” 
I got a kick out of that. 
This is Jack waking up from his nap today.  It was a precious moment, for both of them.
I think I’ve successfully filled up enough text without telling you
what’s really been on my mind a lot this week.  But maybe I can get to
that some other time, when I can sort it through some more.  (And when
I don’t have a counter-full of dishes to do 🙂  Hope you all are having
a good week.  Treat yourself to some time to slow down and enjoy a gift
greater than we could ever have imagined. 
        For to us a child is born,

        to us a son is given,

        and the government will be on his shoulders.

        And he will be called

        Wonderful Counselor,

        Mighty God,

        Everlasting Father,

        Prince of Peace.