Naptime…doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, does it…
santa taking a pic
Miles has been building lego cameras and we’re taking each other’s picture.
Oh, Jackson Paul.  This a.m. when I got out of the shower, Sesame Street was playing but no Jiggy.  I hear the water running in the other bathroom.  Uh oh.  I go in to find a naked bottom and this…”Jack, what are you doing?”  “I went potty!”  “I see that, but you’ve made a big mess…”  Ok, never do this again, but let me take a picture first.
I can’t believe how fast time flies sometimes.  Every free second I’ve had, I’ve been putting together what I’m going to say at Thursday’s M.O.M. (Mom’s Oasis Morning).  Yesterday was Andy’s day off, and he encouraged me to get some time away.  I didn’t really feel like I NEEDed it, like sometimes I do, but I knew this week was going to be a big one, so I took off for 5 hours.  As much as I want time to myself, I really hate taking it.  I used to feel so guilty the whole time I couldn’t enjoy it, but yesterday when the looming guilt would come, I’d remind myself “Enjoy it.  Tuesday is coming.”  And as today hits, I’m glad I took the time.  Although when I got home, we were eating dinner, and Jack looks at me and says “I’m glad you came home.”  I well up with tears and say “I’m glad to see you, Jack.”  Then he looks bashfully at me and says “I miss you, mommy.  I miss you.”  Oh, the emotion! 

In my research, I’ve run across some awesome quotes, and one of my new favorites is:

“Drink deep and full of the love of God,
and the love of wife and child,
of husband and friend, will grow holier and healthier
and simpler and grander.”
Oswald Chambers

Miles is at preschool, and I need to be on my way to pick him up.  Did you know Indiana passed an education law to go to all-day kindergarten?  Kids are expected to read by the end of Kdg. now!!!  What happened to Kdg. being about the Alphabet people and learning to sit in your seat?  Whose idea is it that 5 yr. olds should know how to read and pass standardized tests?  Maybe this is my next post.  Need to go cruisin’ in the fam van, or according to Jack “the black car called Mazda” 🙂



  1. JAMBender

    ~As always, I enjoy reading your stories and just your take on life.  I hope you’re having fun driving around in your new van!
    How wonderful that Andy gives you a few hours away on Monday. .. I’m sure that does wonders to just replenish your spirit and get you ready for the week.  Have a wonderful day!~

  2. tsdg

    That is so fabulous to have time away–I really need to do that more often, I know Brian will let me, just need to be steadfast in doing it. I love the suds and potty story—very funny.

  3. FranciPantsJones

    Hey Sara, Yeah I’m in Portland, OR. Moved here after college. I love Portland, but still feel a call to the 3rd world and stuff like that. Trying to figure out what’s next and what that might look like. How bout you guys? How are you? Where are you? Last I knew you guys were moving to Ohio. Your boys are so cute!! I’m a nanny for 2 1/2 yr old twins and they have similar moments. I love watching them change and grow. Say hi to Andy for me:). Hope your Christmas season is wonderful:)

  4. SinginMama

    I love your pictures!  You must have an amazing camera.  The lighting is always perfect.  Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday.  By the way, thanks for sharing that quote – it was refreshing.


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