the plague…

A plague of some sorts hit our home this a.m.  Andy can’t keep anything in…  We have 4 cheesecakes and 2 cakes…  We kept thinking it was going to pass, but it is running its course and taking its toll.  Poor guy.  We’re shooting to have the Appreciation Dessert tomorrow night…unless he’s still sick or one of us catches it.  Then we’ll make runs to drop off the cheesecakes (maybe I shouldn’t say “runs”…)  It’s hard to explain a day like this.  Maybe I’ll tack it onto the list of wishing timing was a little different. 


9 thoughts on “the plague…

  1. theroyerfam

    I don’t get it, Gibsons…Are you implying I’ve poisoned him? By anything, I mean water… And there’s 2 slices for our favorite Brazil team leader couple sitting here waiting for you–it may be good after a 50 hour flight 🙂

  2. peteandheather

    Man, I hope Andy gets better quickly and miraculously no one else gets it!  The stomach flu is so much worse than a cold.  Just said a quick prayer for each of you.  By the way, Carabba’s is an italian place, owned by the same people who own Outback.  We’ve never been to one either, but I’m really looking forward to it!  🙂 

  3. spies_likeus

    Hahahahaha! oh my goodness. I can totally see that happening to you Sara. 🙂 Gosh, I don’t think I have anything super funny like that… hmmmm… let me think…
    Ok well this isn’t as funny as yours but it’s a little humorous. So my mom and I have been cleaning things out of her house and moving them to storage to make room for all the people we have coming at Christmas. And one day I picked up this curio cabinet and the top fell off and the whole thing dropped on my toe… and yes it hurt bad! Then the next day I was trying to get something from under my bed (we have the bed on stilts so we can store stuff underneath) and I scraped my arm on this sharp metal bar thing that hangs down and it cut me… through my sweatshirt and everything! (I still have a scab!) Then later that day I had a garbage bag haning on the handle of the door and I put this pane of glass from an old frame in there… and when I walked by it, the corner of the glass jabbed my leg. No cuts that time it just hurt… so I walked into my moms room and was reaching down for the dustbuster when I said “mom I just hurt myself again,” and a half a second after the words left my lips I banged my head on her floor lamp. I don’t know what’s going on… I’m definitely an accident waiting to happen lately.


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