we are alive and well

In case any of you are considering picking up taco bell for dinner…don’t do it!  I’m usually the unofficial spokesperson for their mexican pizza, but not this week.  I know it could be just coincidence, but Andy had a grilled burrito from taco bell the other night, woke up the next morning and rejected everything his body had in him…it was a looooong day.  And I was just sure we were going to get it as something that violent is kinda unavoidable in our house…but we’re all fine.  I’m thankful, but won’t be getting taco bell for awhile. 
       So, we did do the cheesecake appreciation dessert Wednesday night.  Switching the day so last minute, it was mostly our college students who help out.  I haven’t gotten to spend much time with them and it was alot of fun.  Although there is a funny story I have to share from the evening.  I was standing waiting to take a guy’s coat who had just arrived.  He was bending over to take off his shoes, and Jack flies around the corner (on a cheesecake-sugar buzz).  He almost loses his balance, so he uses the guy’s butt as leverage to gain his balance.  Then he flies into the other room.  The guys stands up and gives me an odd look.  Oh no.  I realize what’s happened, as I’m the only one behind him–he thinks it was me!  So, I say, “Um, that wasn’t me.  It was Jack…”  But Jack’s nowhere in sight.  And it was a little awkward.  But funny to think about now  
       Yesterday evening my small group made cookies for the community Christmas outreach tonight.  That was fun as well.  But I’m tired.  That’s the only thing about having fun and hanging out late with people…our kids are sweetly sleeping away and then wake up ready to go at 7.  I’m hoping tomorrow we can slow down a bit.  Sunday will be another crammed day with the birthday party right in between a.m. church and p.m. youth group.  Sometimes I feel like a zombie stumbling in late for everything, going from event to event, never really living life, but letting it happen as I’m present but not really there, only thinking about the next thing I have to do.  That sounds sad, doesn’t it?  I don’t mean it to, and it’s not entirely true–just feels like it.  We just need an adult-sized “time out” I think. 
         Today someone came over to take some family pictures for our Christmas cards.  They turned out really nice, so I will post some as soon as we get them back.
         So where in the world did November go?  I realized today I’ve been putting things down on the calendar and not really looking at the dates.  It’s December 15th.  Is it really?  Not that we’re doing anything fancy for Christmas, but I guess there goes making my cards this year 🙂  Well, hope everyone has a fun weekend (and a true sabbath–ours will be tomorrow).


One thought on “we are alive and well

  1. tsdg

    That story of the college student is soooo hilarious, I’m still giggling. I hope the birthday party goes well, I’m sure the ring master of games will do an awesome job!!


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