we’re taking a vote…

We got the pictures back from today’s photo shoot.  These are our favorites, but we can’t decide which should be our family Christmas card.   What do you think?
close up family
close up fam (2)
family sled (2)
family sled 2 (2)
And we’re throwing some other fun ones in of the kids. 
on top of dad (2)
The Jack in the Hat
jack hat sled (2)
jack hat sled 2 (2)

miles hat sled - cheese (2)
They really DO love each other!!!
together sled (2)
And the 2 of us…we look kinda boring without the unpredictable kiddos.
andy and sara
By the way, I think I was in a bit of a “freak out” mode today when I posted earlier.  The kids are in bed, I have a good cup of coffee, Andy’s feeling better, we’re going out for dinner tomorrow, and life is good.


10 thoughts on “we’re taking a vote…

  1. peteandheather

    I love #3 also!  #1 is great too.  I love the pic of the boys running Andy over!  I’m glad that Andy’s feeling better and you are too!  (you know, not that you were sick, but…)  Jon’s doing better too–maybe the babysitter snuck him some Taco Bell Thursday night…hmmm.  🙂  Have a great night out! 

  2. SinginMama

    I’ll go out on a limb and say #2.  Each one has it’s strengths…but in that one you all are smiling.  You need to make sure you get copies of all of them for yourselves….so cute! 

  3. FranciPantsJones

    Its too bad you can’t combine 1&2… but I would have to go with 2 cause you are all smiling and close. What a good looking family!! You can tell those boys are loved and full of personality. And PS… Portland is great and if you ever need a place to visit and a place to stay… I’m would be so excited to have you:). I think there is such a need for the church in Portland too… its a really neat town with so much character and culture. Anyways… I love it:). I’m so glad you guys are enjoying your church. Its a huge blessing!!Merry Christmas Royer Family!!

  4. katievarela

    I love the pictures! I think #3 is best of the whole family. I love #2, and it comes in a close second but since you aren’t completely looking at the camera, #3 wins.

    I love your honesty in your “freak out mode” post. I feel like that a lot, especially in December with so many events and church functions and outings and parties.

  5. filledeparis

    So, Sar…I hope that one of these pics is heaed to Paris.In France, they send New Year’s cards. Please e-mail me your address again. I will try to call if you let me know when you are around.Love,Hol


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