It’s New Year’s Eve…

…and I’m all partied out…  I planned a progressive party for the HS tonight, but didn’t find a baby-sitter, so they’ll have to karaoke without me.  I’m actually looking forward to going to bed as soon as the kids do–am I getting old or what?!?  Andy’s going for awhile, even though he’s still got the nasty fever/flu, but it’s been an eventful few days, so he hasn’t had much time to “be sick.”
       Yesterday we got a very random call from someone we haven’t seen in a very long time…Pav.  He was in our wedding and then we ran into them at Cornerstone 01, but those are the only times I’ve seen them.  I’ve heard so much about him, all the adventures of “Pav and Roy” growing up in Brazil.  Anyhow, he gave us a call yesterday a.m. saying they were in Wisconsin and were on their way back home, and wondered if they could swing by and see us.  They spent the night with us and left this afternoon.  WHat a fun surprise!  This was the first chance for me to get to know Pav or Kate and to play with their daughter Ever.  I love unexpected visits like that.  We never thought our week would’ve included getting to see them!  Very cool. 
       Our boys are much better, although I do believe we’ve created a monster.  Jack was so sick last week that I’d do anything to help him feel better–offer him whatever to get him to eat, hold him constantly, you get the point…well, he’s sleeping in his bed now (praise the Lord!), but is having a hard time getting back to reality.  PLus he’s still hoarse, so I feel bad letting him cry.  But he needs to understand he can’t have fruit snacks for breakfast!
Just some random things our boys have said that make me smile:
       Yesterday Miles’ first words were “Daddy’s sick.  Baby Jack’s very mad.”
       Dorothy #3 died.  Miles says she went to W (WalMart).  I said “What is she getting at W?”  Jack said “diapers.”  Interesting…
       The other day Norah Jones came on, and Miles said “listen to this music in Brazil on daddy’s computer.”  Unbelievable.  We would play Norah Jones (Jack’s favorite at the time) on the computer when they’d nap to block out the sounds of fireworks from the World Cup Brazil games, etc.  I can’t believe he recognized the singer and remembered that.
       The other day before nap, Jack was praying and said “I need to go to Brazil soon.”
       Every prayer since Christmas, Miles thanks Jesus for the presents.
Well, here’s to a Happy New Year.  In Murphy, NC, they lower a possom in a cage from a pole at midnight.  I was thinking that would be a fun tradition to implement this year…maybe next year.  I’m just ready for bed…  Guess you’ll have to party on without me!


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