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So our computer’s back…I went to check my e-mail and have 173 in my inbox…no, I’m not THAT popular, but I’m part of a support group for moms researching biomedical treatment for their children with autism.  It’s been so encouraging, I’m learning so much, and Miles is doing so good as a result of some things moms have suggested…but yeah, it can be a bit much when I don’t check my e-mail for a few days. 

This is our 3rd official day of no one being sick in our house in over a month.  I’m thoroughly rejoicing!!!  Last Sunday, I got hit with a nasty case of the crud (not an official diagnosis, as I couldn’t leave the bathroom for 3 days to go see the dr.), but I haven’t been sick like that in a looooooong time.  It actually turned out to be a good thing.  I think for me, sometimes it takes getting down to my absolute worst to see all I have to be thankful for.  I wish I could learn easier than that…I hate how quickly I can take the blessings God’s given for granted, but I think after a month of illness and just the January-can’t-take-my-crazy-monkeys-to-the-park weather started taking its toll…and now after hitting rock-bottom, I’m amazed how much energy I have and how thankful I am to spend another day shut in with my kiddos  

Yesterday, Miles had his 1st appt. with a pediatric dentist.  He did so well–I was so proud of him.  The nurse came into get him, and he just kept giving her a huge smile, showing off his teeth…and as beautiful a smile as he has, he needs fillings in his 4 front teeth   Poor guy.  I really liked the dentist though–he was great with Miles, and didn’t give me a lecture or even ask how he may have gotten the cavities.  He just explained our options.  I recently heard how hard antihistimines are on your teeth.  Miles takes one every night before bed, and sometimes I would forget to give it before he brushed his teeth, so I’m super careful about that now…

Miles is in the hitting phase.  It’s been a problem at preschool and church.  I’ve been cracking down pretty hard on him–no TV on the days he hits someone.  He seems to get the point, but the other day it was so funny.  After church, he wanted to watch Clifford while I made lunch.  I said “If you hit kids, you don’t get to watch a movie.”  I expected him to throw a tantrum, and he just said “Okay, okay, it was a bad idea.”  Later he asked again to watch a movie (like he forgot), and after explaining why he couldn’t, he said “Okay, just checking.” 

Favorite line of the day:  Today Miles said “AAHH!  Mom, there’s another hole in my sock. Go figure.”  Guess I need to buy our boys some new socks…

I know I’ve been “tagged”…I’ll work on it.  I just wanted to write quickly and say we’re alive and well…well, atleast for 3 days now! 


not another one…

Jackson Paul is supposed to be napping…instead he’s in his crib singing “Ice Ice Baby”…He just finished “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone…”  I love the songs he puts together…but I do not love the fact that child #2 has started giving up naps.  Sigh.  Now he’s singing “Joyful Joyful We adore Thee” as a cat (that would be meow-ing to the tune).  I wish xanga had a sound weblog entry, it’s pretty hysterical…wait a minute…does this mean I have to give up naps too?!?

warning…it may be a little lengthy…

So, a crazy thing happened today…I had a few things to pick up at
Wal-Mart before making dinner–Andy called me there, saying he’d gotten
a call that a girl in my small group had been in a car accident and her
and her sister were taken to the ER and carried in on stretchers. 
Fighting back tears, I finished getting what I needed (and added a box
of tissues to the cart), drove to the ER, not knowing what to expect. 
My mind tends to go to worst-case scenario, as I begin to wonder if
I’ll get to see her or if she’s been life-lighted to Ft.
Wayne…anyhow, show up and she’s in the waiting room.  It was actually
her mom and sister on the stretcher, and they are ok.  It’s crazy how
quickly everything can change.  Times like these remind us of how
fragile our lives are.  And she got a good laugh when I told her how I
was crying in Wal-Mart over my mind getting carried away…
       Anyhow, this week has been kind of a whirlwind.  I went Friday
to Ohio, and it was good to spend time with my mom in the hospital and
my dad driving 3 hours round-trip to see her everyday.  My mom is doing
as well as can be expected–I have yet to hear her complain about
anything.  It is a very painful and loooooong recovery…but there have
been no complications this far–praise God, and thank you for your
prayers.  That was really encouraging!  It’s been so sweet how
concerned our boys are about their grandma.  They always want to pray
for her.  And Jack will always ask if she is happy–to him, that is the
important thing.  I got back last night and it was good to have today
at home with the fam…
       …and here are some fun highlights of my day:
       –Jack was doing somersaults this evening, and I said “That’s a
good somersault.”  But he replied, “No I’m doing capweda.” 
Impressive!  Capweda is a Brazilian fight-dance that we saw this
summer.  Apparently, Jack is working on his own moves.
       –Jack made a seahorse in the potty!  (He enjoys labelling his
poop, and I never thought I’d say this, but it’s one of my favorite
things–he was trying to make a star…that could be challenging…) 
       –Yesterday, Miles got out of another nap, but Andy fell
asleep…and woke up to the sound of our Kitchen Aid mixer.  He ran out
to see Miles “making chocolate cake” (dumping eggs into the bowl and
turning it on)  thankfully the attachments weren’t on or we may not be
laughing about it.  I now know to unplug the mixer when not in use…
       –When I was packing to go, the boys kept trying to pack themselves.  It was really cute..but kinda sad too.
       –Ok, maybe these aren’t highlights of just today, but rather the past week.  I sure missed these guys.  As hectic as they make our lives…I can’t imagine life without them. 
I missed this look.
and Miles being a goof.
and a pint-size coffee-drinking buddy.
Hey, I hope you all have a good
week–not that it’s going to be flawless, but that we won’t waste time,
but find the good in each day.

so chicago…

was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Need I say more? 
Well, I will.  We have some awesome friends who came over Friday, put our kiddos to bed and then took them to another family’s house who watched them Saturday.  It’s always so hard for me to leave our boys.  We prayed really hard on the way there for them, that they’d fall asleep and stay asleep ok, etc. then I just prayed I wouldn’t think about them and feel guilty all the time…well, I think it was answered.  I know that may sound strange, to feel bad for getting away for our anniversary, but spending every day, all day with the kids, it’s hard to know if I’m making the right choice to leave them, but I definately had no regrets this time. 
       Priceline didn’t do squat for us this time, but I got a great deal on  We stayed in the Affinia Chicago right off Michigan Ave.  And the coolest thing about it was I was telling the lady as we were checking in that it was our 6 yr. anniv., and she said “ooh, I have the perfect room for you.”  She hooked us up with a king suite on the top floor overlooking the John Hancock building.  It was beautiful.  We joked about selling one of the sitting rooms to someone on the street and paying for our room, but we only joked about it 🙂
       Friday night we were planning to go to  House of Blues or Blue Chicago, but once we got there, it was so awesome how much was open!  I guess I’m used to things in Warsaw closing at 9 pm, so we just walked the streets, popping our heads into different jazz/blues clubs, but just having a good time bumming around.   I love the city.  I can’t imagine having kids in the city, but I definitely think at some point in my life we will live in a big city. 
       I was really hoping to run into Oprah or Bono or someone famous.  I asked a worker at the Gap if he got to see them when they were there to advertise Bono’s (red) line–He said it was only the managers, and they all got their shirts signed.  I felt bad for him. 
       We went into some fun stores–Tiffany’s, Cartier, Kenneth Cole.  How in the world does anyone shop there?  I found a ring I liked at Tiffany’s–we saw the tag from the back–$138,000.  Gulp.
       Our boys survived without us.  When we showed up, Jack was chillin’ on the couch, calling the mom of the family “mom,” and didn’t want to leave…what a character he is 🙂  Miles greeted us with a huge ole hug and kisses on both cheeks (he gives kisses the european way).
       I need to get some pics of the boys up here–I gave them haircuts tonight.  It’s just been kinda crazy getting back into the swing of things.  Miles started preschool this a.m. and Jack went to the dr. (after having a cough and trouble sleeping for 2 wks.)  He has ear infections in both ears, a sinus infection and possibly eye infection, so he’s supposed to go on antibiotics.  I’m so leery of meds–they prescribed so many antibiotics for Miles in his 1st yrs. of life and messed up his system.  So, I need to go do some research on this.  Ear infections will clear up on their own without antibiotics, but the others can take a long time, so I want to see if there’s an alternative (our dr. isn’t much into “alternatives” 🙂 
       Anyhow, thanks for all the anniversary wishes.  Hey, eprops to you if you got this far…
Lastly, tomorrow my mom is having both knees replaced.  It’s a pretty major surgery.  My dad had it done in June, and the recovery is rough and long…  I’m going sometime this week to help out.  I figure there’s enough people reading this–we would covet your prayers, to come before our great God on behalf of my mom, for a safe surgery and quick recovery.

quick update…

I didn’t go to bed New Year’s Eve until after 2 am…so much for catching up on sleep.  But it got to be 10, and I thought I might as well stay up and see the Times Square festivities, then it got to be 11, and I thought I might as well see the ball drop, then it got to be 1 and Andy came home, and I was asking how the party went…so again, it’s been a different holiday season for me.  I’ve never spent New Year’s Eve alone.  At midnight, I went in and gave the boys a kiss.  But I think the nasty flu got the better of us this year, and just wiped me out.
       There has been some good coming out of this, I’ll have you know.  We were running so hard these weeks in December, and I just kept thinking “vacation” was the answer to finding some rest.  Well, when that didn’t happen, it’s been good to go back to the Giver of life and rest and joy and peace.  And I realize how close we’ve grown as a couple through some more hard times.  As we celebrate 6 years on Saturday!!!!, I just look at how far we’ve come.  I would’ve never imagined we’d face some of the hardships we have, and yet, I can see how good they’ve been for us.  It’s made me cling to God at times, strengthen our relationship, and made me truly enjoy the fun times all the more!
       So, we’re getting away Saturday (and hopefully Friday night too, if cooperates 🙂  We’re spending the day in Chicago, and I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve been keeping our kids incubated this week as much as I can stand it!  We’ve seen a few people, but no trips to Wal-Mart or the library in hopes of keeping them as healthy as possible.  Last night, I took Miles’ temp, and it was 100.5–NOOOO!!  But this
a.m., it’s fine.  So, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much…and praying really hard.  But, nonetheless, it is a celebration of
6 years with the man of my dreams!
       I found a funny verse in Ecclesiastes 9.9:  Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this
meaningless life that God has given you under the sun— all your
meaningless days. For this is your lot in life and in your toilsome
labor under the sun.
  I don’t know that I’ll include this verse in an anniversary card–“all our meaningless days together” just doesn’t seem right, but I thought it was funny for some reason.
       Maybe this is not such a quick update, and I can’t really remember what
I was going to update on…but I hope you all enjoy your day.  I’ll try as well, although Miles told me this a.m. he wants to be naughty today.  I told him that would result in time out or spanking.  He doesn’t seem to mind.  I pray we get our nice little Miles back soon…