so chicago…

was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Need I say more? 
Well, I will.  We have some awesome friends who came over Friday, put our kiddos to bed and then took them to another family’s house who watched them Saturday.  It’s always so hard for me to leave our boys.  We prayed really hard on the way there for them, that they’d fall asleep and stay asleep ok, etc. then I just prayed I wouldn’t think about them and feel guilty all the time…well, I think it was answered.  I know that may sound strange, to feel bad for getting away for our anniversary, but spending every day, all day with the kids, it’s hard to know if I’m making the right choice to leave them, but I definately had no regrets this time. 
       Priceline didn’t do squat for us this time, but I got a great deal on  We stayed in the Affinia Chicago right off Michigan Ave.  And the coolest thing about it was I was telling the lady as we were checking in that it was our 6 yr. anniv., and she said “ooh, I have the perfect room for you.”  She hooked us up with a king suite on the top floor overlooking the John Hancock building.  It was beautiful.  We joked about selling one of the sitting rooms to someone on the street and paying for our room, but we only joked about it 🙂
       Friday night we were planning to go to  House of Blues or Blue Chicago, but once we got there, it was so awesome how much was open!  I guess I’m used to things in Warsaw closing at 9 pm, so we just walked the streets, popping our heads into different jazz/blues clubs, but just having a good time bumming around.   I love the city.  I can’t imagine having kids in the city, but I definitely think at some point in my life we will live in a big city. 
       I was really hoping to run into Oprah or Bono or someone famous.  I asked a worker at the Gap if he got to see them when they were there to advertise Bono’s (red) line–He said it was only the managers, and they all got their shirts signed.  I felt bad for him. 
       We went into some fun stores–Tiffany’s, Cartier, Kenneth Cole.  How in the world does anyone shop there?  I found a ring I liked at Tiffany’s–we saw the tag from the back–$138,000.  Gulp.
       Our boys survived without us.  When we showed up, Jack was chillin’ on the couch, calling the mom of the family “mom,” and didn’t want to leave…what a character he is 🙂  Miles greeted us with a huge ole hug and kisses on both cheeks (he gives kisses the european way).
       I need to get some pics of the boys up here–I gave them haircuts tonight.  It’s just been kinda crazy getting back into the swing of things.  Miles started preschool this a.m. and Jack went to the dr. (after having a cough and trouble sleeping for 2 wks.)  He has ear infections in both ears, a sinus infection and possibly eye infection, so he’s supposed to go on antibiotics.  I’m so leery of meds–they prescribed so many antibiotics for Miles in his 1st yrs. of life and messed up his system.  So, I need to go do some research on this.  Ear infections will clear up on their own without antibiotics, but the others can take a long time, so I want to see if there’s an alternative (our dr. isn’t much into “alternatives” 🙂 
       Anyhow, thanks for all the anniversary wishes.  Hey, eprops to you if you got this far…
Lastly, tomorrow my mom is having both knees replaced.  It’s a pretty major surgery.  My dad had it done in June, and the recovery is rough and long…  I’m going sometime this week to help out.  I figure there’s enough people reading this–we would covet your prayers, to come before our great God on behalf of my mom, for a safe surgery and quick recovery.


11 thoughts on “so chicago…

  1. tsdg

    Your trip sounded so wonderful. That is so awesome the lady at the desk gave you that room–very special! I will pray for your mom’s knee surgery–both, wow!

  2. peteandheather

    I’m so glad you had a good trip.  Sounds like it was great.  🙂  I remember when Jan Knoop had that surgery–on both knees–it was tough, but she is still glad she did it four or five years later!  I’ll be praying for your mom.  

  3. katievarela

    My mom talks about how my little brother was like Jack when she would leave us with friends for a day or two–Greg would barely notice when my mom returned.

    Your trip sounds like a refreshing, fun time!

    Wow, both knees? We’ll pray for your mom (and dad too).

  4. cmanahan

    Thanks for your potty training note on my site.  Hope that your mom’ surgery went well.  The anniversary trip sounds absolutely wonderful.  In the old days, we used to love to just wander around a large city; I’m so glad you guys were able to do that!!

  5. SinginMama

    I love the picture!  It says it all…relaxation,  So glad you had such a wonderful time!  Getting away can be one of the greatest things for a married couple…time to regroup and fall deeper in love.  Happy belated Anniversary!

  6. spies_likeus

    I’m so glad you guys had fun in Chicago! Wow… it’s been six years!!! That’s awesome. It really doesn’t feel that long ago that I went up there for your wedding. That was such a great time! Oh and yes, I got your Christmas card… it is great! We have the picture hanging up on the refrigerator 🙂
    So how did your moms surgery go? I will keep praying for a quick recovery!!!


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