not another one…

Jackson Paul is supposed to be napping…instead he’s in his crib singing “Ice Ice Baby”…He just finished “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone…”  I love the songs he puts together…but I do not love the fact that child #2 has started giving up naps.  Sigh.  Now he’s singing “Joyful Joyful We adore Thee” as a cat (that would be meow-ing to the tune).  I wish xanga had a sound weblog entry, it’s pretty hysterical…wait a minute…does this mean I have to give up naps too?!?


4 thoughts on “not another one…

  1. cmanahan

    sorry about the nap situation….it’s like a rite of passage that no one looks forward to. Good luck. My little girl is also going through her little repretoire (sp?) of songs right now while “napping.”

  2. FranciPantsJones

    My twins jump in their crib fake crying… asking for water and then I give them water and they throw it on the ground… I’ve started putting them in seperate rooms to calm them and it seems to be working for now:). SO I sympathize with the nap time war. Vanilla Ice… such a great choice. He’s gonna be a cool one:)


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